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It is important for women and men to have a perfect hairstyle and most women like to have hairstyles like their favourite celebs. Women hairstyles 2011 carry some of the older styles with more colour and glamour attached to it. For once, bob is back in fashion for women haircuts 2011. However, curly hair have also several options to choose from the new looks given by the styles for female hairstyles 2011. Take a look at some of the women’s haircuts for the next season.

- Modern short hair cut for curly hair is flaunted by Kate Perry. If you have lots of locks and curls, you can be sure to wear them loose around your ears with locks coming up to either the earlobes or even up to the nape.

Womens Hairstyles 2011Womens Hairstyles 2011Womens Hairstyles 2011

It is important to know your face cuts before you make the choice of your hairstyle 2011. If you have a broad face and curly hair, choose to wear them a little longer. These curls hanging up to your shoulder length will lend a slender look to your face. On the other hand, big curls right up to the ear length will make your face look broader still. Same goes for the ones with square face.

However if you have a nice round oval face, you can actually experiment a lot with your curls. Oval or heart shape face with slender looks definitely needs lot of flock up to the ear length to give a fulfilling look on the face.

- Long braided hairs are also back in fashion. Women have braided their hair for as long as forever. There are African braids which are also called as dreadlocks. Braids are easier to manage and long hair is definitely good in winters.

French braided hairstyle is one of the most popular female hairstyles in 2011. They also offer endless opportunities for creativity and unique creations to suit each and every type of face cut.

Dreadlocks are typically suited for African features and yet you can opt for them as nice looking change for the next year. 2011 women’s hairstyles may have dreadlocks as an option but you definitely need to take a lot of care for them as well. You might like to sleep with a scarf tied around your hair so that locks do not loosen in sleep.

- Bob is back in fashion and is flashing amidst all women’s hairstyles 2011 fashion magazines and chronicles. Hair stylists have come up with innovative options to match the bob with layered hairstyle, flicks or spike to give the best mock tail of hairstyle suited to individual face.

- Waves are just as good as perm. You can opt for bold and bigger iron curls or soft perm with short waves. Perm looks good with thin faces to make them look more fulfilling while long and bold curls around shoulder length are classy as ever.

- Wavy women haircuts 2011 also offer endless opportunities to experiment with women’s hairstyles. You can choose to do them as an up do as the sophisticated or more formal look. For a more casual look, you may hang them loose around your shoulders with a short pin up on the head.

No matter what style you choose, women’s hairstyles 2011 offer lot of options to choose from.

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