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We can all agree that a woman's wedding is a lifetime experience all women want that day to be special, even borderline perfect. A lot of things go into a preparation for a wedding the venue, the motif, the dress, the menu, and the cake are only a handful of all the things a bride has to decide on for that special day. Aside from all these, the bride's hairstyle is also a major consideration.

The wedding hairstyle is probably one of the most pondered upon hairstyles and involves more than just the bride; wedding hair styles include the whole entourage including the bride and groom's mothers. The bride of course, will want to stand out from everyone else. There are several classic styles to choose from:

Wedding HairstylesWedding Hairstyles

  • Classic updo

Basic, classy, and glamorous, the classic updo works well for any occassion, most especially for weddings. Updos help brides standout from the crowd and can accentuate her features even more.

  • Medium hair styles

Medium length hair can be made to look elegant for any wedding. Women who do not have long enough hair can choose to simply wear their hair down, with a bit of styling.

  • Long hair styles

Women with long hair can wear their hair down for the wedding. Long hair styles are becoming more popular, especially for garden or beach weddings.

Choosing the best hairstyle for a wedding can get quite stressful. Here are a few tips to help would be brides in choosing their wedding hairstyle.

    • Do your research; there are a lot of choices for wedding hairstyles featured in magazines – bridal or otherwise
    • Choose a style that works with your wedding dress; both your hair and dress should work well together to make you look perfect
    • Find a style that works for your venue as well
    • Find the right stylist; if you do not have one already, find a stylist who focuses on formal styles
    • Take care of your hair; proper maintenance and care should start at about the same time you start planning for your wedding
    • Get an appointment with your stylist as early as possible.
    • Choose your hairstyle before the accessories; afterwhich you can try the hairstyle and see if it works with your accessories
    • Try using extensions if you need more body and volume for your wedding.
    • Keep things simple; going overboard in style and accessories is never a good idea.
    • And lastly, talk to your stylist; ask for an estimated time of completing the hair styles so you will not have to rush on anything on your wedding day.

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