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Many experts had already correctly speculated about trendy haircuts 2012 that short hairstyle will be in. Though most of the stars are changing their hairstyles for their new movie, show or album, yet pixie haircut is the hottest trend among celebrities as approached by Keira Knightly and Emma Watson during the last quarter of 2011.

However, as usual some celebrities want to look unique and are experimenting with long hairstyles. Two hottest divas, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who keep changing their hairstyles drastically, are once again in the spotlight for their unique styles.

Once again, all of the trendy hairstyles 2012 are exceedingly swayed by the celebrity haircuts 2012.

Trendy Styles 2012 for Women

Most of the African American celebrities are seen wearing ponytails, especially horse ponytails, as previously worn by Eva Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussy Cat Dolls’ lead singer.

Rihanna is yet to be seen but is expected to wear short curly hairstyles with some variations. Adriana Lima and Anne Hathaway are seen with long hair with long curls, whereas Hathaway wore a sleek and contemporary updo by the end of the last year and might repeat it soon for her admirers. As seen on her last performance, Shakira has not cut her hair as yet and was wearing a free flowing, natural and long hairstyle recently and a ponytail last year. But the most trendy hairstyles 2012 are for short hair i.e. pixie and short bob.

Trendy Styles 2012 for Women Trendy Styles 2012 for WomenTrendy Styles 2012 for Women

Trendy Styles 2012 for Men

Trendy haircuts 2012 for men have brought more options this time as compared to the last year. Brad Pitt’s Pre-cut is adored by younger boys, but it is not as big hit as his haircuts in Fight Club, The Tree of Life and Moneyball were. On the flip side, a few youngsters are following long, flowing Leo DiCaprio’s hairdo.

Piecey hairstyle is also in with two different variations: classic and trendy take. Classic is similar to what Ryan Gosling was seen wearing last year while the trendy look matches the approach recently supported by James Franco.

Front wave as worn by Mark Wahlberg, the most popular style of 1980s, is still hot since making its comeback in 2011. Andrew Garfield experimented with this hairstyle in 2011 and by applying gel he concentrated more on the front part of the head; he has yet to change his style for 2012.

Straight up and straight up with spikes seemed to be going out of style with the start of 2011 but it is being revived by Vincent Cassel and Evan McGregor.

Trendy Styles 2012 for Men Trendy Styles 2012 for MenTrendy Styles 2012 for Men

Just like female celebrities some male superstars such as Christian Bale and David Beckham, are also seen with long and natural haircuts. Though not as trendy as other styles, curly and brushed forward hairstyle with frizzes is also worn by a handful of celebs.

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