Top Nutritional Tips To Support Healthy Hair Growth
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In achieving that healthy glowing hair, it is vital to consider good nutrition as it is essential to have healthy body. Below are the some nutritional tips to support healthy hair growth.

  • Have enough protein in your diet

Protein is made up of the amino acids essential for generation of new cells, which includes the hair. Inadequate protein intake over a long period of time can force hair to undergo a resting phase that will later be shed in a few months. Sufficient portions of protein rich foods should form part of your daily diet. Protein can be taken from lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, soy, nuts grains and seeds.

  • Eat adequate amounts of useful carbohydrates

As most of us know, carbohydrates are an essential source of energy. Carbs help in the growth of body tissues, which also includes hair. They are a crucial source of B vitamins that are imperative for having healthy hair. Rather than concentrating on consuming sugars and white flour, it is recommended that you focus on non-refined carbs that are present in some vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice, and potatoes.

  • Balance your intake of dietary fats

Your body requires enough levels of fat to maintain good health. This can be achieved from a mixture of lean animal and plant sources. The percentage of your daily calories that should come from these sources is roughly about 25-30%.

  • Identify the right nutritional balance that suits you

Nutritional balance varies for different individuals, depending on the age, sex, and the lifestyle. In choosing meals and snacks, take into consideration the following key principles of sound nutrition.

    • Eat junk foods moderately.
    • Opt for fresh or natural and lightly processed foods as often as possible.
    • Do not over cook food.
  • Support a nutritious diet with some supplements

For good hair health, support your nutritional diet with some chosen supplements. On its own, nutritional diet may still be insufficient since modern farming methods may deplete the nutrient quality of food, or that high stress levels may diminish nutrients in your body. It is better to couple your well-balanced diet with a multi-vitamin supplement.

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