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Temporary hair dye is one of the three primary hair dye types that is characterized by the large pigment molecules, allowing only a coating action which can be easily be removed by shampooing. Vibrant shades, including orange and red, are better produced when using temporary hair dye as the colors may be difficult to achieve with permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes.

As mentioned earlier, since the temporary hair dye has large pigment molecules, using this type of dye is a good choice especially for neutralizing unwanted tones, as they do not penetrate the cuticle layer. Other than neutralizing, temporary hair dye can also be used to restore faded hair back to its natural color. According to some stylists, using products of this hair dye type will lessen damage caused by stronger chemicals. If in some cases, temporary hair dye is applied on badly damaged and weak hair, the color can be quickly penetrated into the hairs cortex layer, producing uneven hair coloring results.

You must, however, also consider some disadvantages in using temporary hair dye. As the name says, this type only lasts for a short time. Another disadvantage is that since the color can be applied on hair very thinly, not all of your hair may be completely or evenly covered. Lastly, for those times when there is moisture on the hair, the color can rub off on anything that your head will rest on.
Nevertheless, if you are in a quest for temporary hair dyes, there are various available product forms, such as rinses, shampoos, conditioners, mousses, mascara, and others that offer a temporary hair color solution. These are made readily available in most drugstores in a whole lot of shades.

Generally, the use of temporary hair dye is a better way to start with when intending to make that drastic change in your hair color. This will allow you to sample colors quickly, without damaging your hair as this is not a permanent or long-lasting solution.

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