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You are now the proud parent of a teen and they want independence. They want the latest trend that all their friends have. Teens also want to be individuals this is the time when most people express themselves through not only their clothes but with their hair. When it comes to teen looks it really depends on the individual as to what is in style. The best thing at this point and time when it comes to what hair style will work best with your teen is simply asking them what they want. Most parents don’t like the choices teens make for their hair. The thing you want to look at is one it is their hair they have to live with it and two if it comes out really bad they have to deal with their friends and peers and ultimately pay the consequences. The most important thing to remember is that it is hair it will grow back and in most cases it is a temporary disaster.

The latest trend with teens these days are micro braids, streaks, extensions, and however the top teen star at that minute is wearing their hair. We are in a time of age where certain hairstyles that were exclusively for one ethnic culture is now available to all. First we will look at the micro braid look.

Teen HairstylesTeen HairstylesTeen Hairstyles

The first thing that your teen must understand is that to be able to do the micro braids no matter what your ethnic background is will take a long time to be able to fully get this look. Some teens will think it is a great style without the understanding it takes hours to be able to accomplish this look. Also make sure that you go to someone that knows and has experience doing micro braids. If the braids are too tight it will cause bad headaches and may make your hair fall out.

If the braids are to loose they may come out. Next we are going to look at extensions these are there to basically lengthen the hair but you have to make sure it matches the natural hair color. Some extensions help give the hair body or they may add curl it all depends on what the individual is wanting. Next lets look at the all famous I just saw the latest release of whatever movie and my favorite star wore their hair like this. There are some up sides to this most stars where there hair in a conservative manner that will appeal to both your teen and you. The downside is not everyone is suited for every hair style. Finally let us look at streaks. There is a natural product out there that is safe for children and teens to use so there is not undo damage to their hair. Feel free to look at our article on henna for your hair article to see if this is something that is comprisable for both you and your teen. You may also want to try the temporary hair dyes to see what color is going to be best suited for your teen’s hair. You want something that can be taken out easily so if they do not like it they are not stuck with it for the next six months.

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