Spring Hairstyles 2012 for Women
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Spring hairstyles 2012 give you the freedom to experiment with short and naughty hairstyles such as pixie or try any of the long hairstyles with a messy touch. As spring season is full of flowers and colors, hairstyles with different color highlights are in. The rule of thumb for spring hairstyles 2012 is, keep it different and make your hair shine as if the sun is shining right above your head.

Spring Hairstyles 2012 for Women

Just like winter hairstyles 2012, spring hairstyles 2012 for women have excessive options, no matter what length or color of hair you have. Some fresh and latest options for long, medium and short length hair are explored below:

Spring Hairstyles 2012 for Women Spring Hairstyles 2012 for WomenSpring Hairstyles 2012 for Women

If you have short hair, different variations of pixie are perfect for you to wear this spring season. Uneven or asymmetrical bangs can also be added to this hairstyle. If you want to wear this hairstyle, you can either fluff it by giving your hair extra volume or keep it sleek. Sharon Stone wore a stunning pixie hairdo last year.

Bob hairdo is another cool choice for women with short hair. You can try blunt bob, concave bob, bob with bangs or inverted bob for spring 2012.

If you have medium length hair, long bang hairstyle is truly perfect for spring. A bob-inspired cut with square bangs, barely covering your forehead is another variation. You can give a different highlight to your bangs for a funkier look.

For long hair, rockabilly is trendy since we entered the new century, the drift for women is having long hair pulled off their face, straighten it at the roots, curl out or keep it wavy at the ends, keep it long and let them hang around your neck. You can decorate this hairstyle by using pins to hold the hair near your ear.

Among other spring hairstyles 2012, two unique styles, equally fashionable for medium and long length haired people, are casual but flower braid.

Flower Braid is created by separating the hair into smaller segments, and wrapping them in the shape of a coiled and then pin it on the top of your crown. A casual bun is rather simple, all hair are centered at left or right of your head, and then loosely tied in the shape of a bun. You can either keep it sleek and tidy but a loosely tied one that rests on your shoulder is way too cool.

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