Spiky Hairstyles 2012 for Women -Short, Medium, Long & Curly hair
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Spiky hairstyles 2012 are the sexiest choices this year has to offer. Spikes best suit short haircuts but can be tried with lengthy hair as
well. Spiky hairstyles can be enhanced by adding bangs or tresses to the hair. To wear a spiky hairstyle and achieve the desired texture, you need a hair gel, a wax or a hairspray to hold your hair in an upright position.

Spiky Hairstyles 2012 for women

Originally, spikey hairstyles were worn by men but ladies did not take long to experiment with it. Lady Gaga and Halle Berry are among several female stars who have worn short spiky hairstyles in the past.

Spiky hairstyles for short hair

As short haircuts are extremely trendy this year, adding spikes to your short haircut can give it a completely different vibe. The two most popular haircuts 2012 are pixie and bob, and both allow for spikes. However, there is no limit to adding spikes to a specific hairstyle.

Spiky pixie haircut is a good choice for women of all age groups. However, for aging ladies, it is a godsend as it can make you look a lot younger. Spiky bangs and ruffled pixie with uneven spikes is obviously a sizzling hot option for you.

Spiky bob is a variation of endless bob haircut. It is a blend of classic hairstyle with a contemporary touch. You can add side swept bangs in the front to your spiky bob for a completely different look.

Spiky hairstyles for short hair Spiky hairstyles for short hair Spiky hairstyles for short hair

Spiky hairstyles for medium hair

If you have shoulder length hair, spiky hairstyles 2012 for medium hair can be your choice. The two hottest styles for medium hair are Reif Spiky hairstyle and mini spikey hairstyle.

Another option for girls with medium length hair is wavy bob with random spikes. Olivia Munn’s wavy bob became quite popular; however, this style did not have spikes. If you are trying spikey hairstyle for medium hair, refrain from adding bangs as this can result in an unbalanced outlook of your cut. However, adding layers to the hair hanging down on your shoulders can be really cool.

Spiky hairstyles for medium hair Spiky hairstyles for medium hairSpiky hairstyles for medium hair

Spiky hairstyles for long hair

Spikes are not meant for long hair and the only hot style you can wear for long hair with spikes is the spiky layered hairdo.
This style is created by adding layers to the bottom hair. For girls with wide forehead, bangs of different lengths can be incorporated. However, longer bangs are recommended that may well cover one of your eyes in addition to the forehead.

Spiky hairstyles for long hair Spiky hairstyles for long hairSpiky hairstyles for long hair

Spiky hairstyles for curly hair

If you are wearing a short curly hairstyle you can add spikes to it. However, spikes don’t suit with longer curly styles. The best haircut for curly hair to add spikes is short bob as worn by Rihanna in the past. Spikes should be of smaller length and should be random. Nonetheless, you can try spikes with any of your favorite hairstyle for curly hair.

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