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Short hair always manageable and the growing fast pace of life has just made short hairstyles increasingly popular over the years. Short hairstyles 2011 for women are splashed all over the fashion magazines and blogs. You only need to choose the best one for you. Whether you are planning a total make over from long hair or just thinking of re-doing your short hair a little differently, there are ample short haircuts 2011 styles to choose from

- Summer short hairstyles 2011 are available but with winters approaching, you may want a thicker looking haircut. You can really think of the short bob style which may be age old but it’s definitely back in fashion.

Short Hairstyles 2011Short Hairstyles 2011

- If you really want a younger look with a little messy style, you can try the pixies look. Moreover, pixie haircuts 2011 are one of the best summer short hairstyles 2011 as they suit nearly all type of hair. Pixie haircuts are extremely popular short hairstyles for women in 2011 as they suit curly, wavy or even extremely straight hair. No matter what type of hair texture and thickness you have pixie haircut suits just about every kind of hair.

- Wavy hairstyle is yet another versatile short haircut for 2011 that is in vogue. If you don curly hair and want a bouncy short hairstyle, then wavy hairstyle is the one for you. Moreover, if you tend to keep the waves a little longer then you can try various styles such as wavy pony tail, short wave updo’s or even small short hair bun with small curls dropping out.

- Short haircut in 2011 with layers is best looking for women with thick hair. It not only gives a little thinner feeling to your hair but generally looks good on just about anyone. This is one hairstyle where you really do not have to worry about shape of your face or texture of your hair. it is one of the most stylish hairstyles and short haircut lets you wear it in several fashion.

- Hayden showcased her latest short haircut at the CMT awards. She donned a layered extremely short haircut 2011 which looked like a bob haircut with asymmetric layers on the sides. The top layer looked quit symmetric falling flat and straight. Such a cut looks great on oval, long and oblong faces.

- While wearing short hairstyles you can also streak your hair in different tones to give a sassy look. One of the best effects of streaking comes with layered haircut when the look is a little messy and several layers keep falling over each other.

Short hairstyles 2011 have showcased a trendy outlook where women are bold and want to lend a younger looking attitude to their personality. Celebs have also been wearing short haircuts in 2011 that matches their attitude. Short hairstyles are definitely age-defying and if they are used in perfection, they can lend amazing glimpses of the personality. Fashion globe is literally packed with hundreds of hair styles to choose from and you can seek professional help where an expert is led to experiment with your hair in the best manner. Short haircuts 2011 are more original in nature with more creativity infused rather than inspirations of existing ones.

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