Prom Hairstyles 2012 for Women - Short, Medium & Curly Hair
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Prom hairstyles 2012 have kept the legacy of simple hairstyle decorated with accessories alive. Simple haircuts like pixie, classic bob or any type of updo can be enhanced by using certain glossy accessories such as feathers, ribbons or simply any type of bands just like Rooney Mara, that match your dress. Ever-popular prom downdos are also a favored style.

Prom hairstyles 2012 Prom hairstyles 2012Prom hairstyles 2012

Prom Hairstyles 2012 for women with short hair

For short hair any of the pixie hairstyles 2012 is a good choice this year, or you can add spikes to your pixie like Halle Barry. Another hairstyle for short and straight hair is to leave your hair hand down freely to have a peppy look. If you want to give it an aesthetic touch, you can try messy look with the help of gel or a moisturizing cream.

Bob haircut is the second trendiest crop this year, but it can cause a headache when you are dancing. Therefore, many girls avoid wearing this hairstyle on their prom. Though retro hairstyle is not very trendy for prom, yet some daring teenagers do certain experiments with it to enhance it and make them look different on the big night.

Prom Hairstyles 2012 for women with medium hair

Two of the hottest prom hairstyles 2012 for women with medium length hair are certain variations of ponytail and updos.
If you are considering to wear a ponytail on your prom, you can add several types of bangs to the front just like Penelope Cruz. Horse ponytail, as worn by Shaker in her song ‘Give it up to me’, is a perfect do for your prom. You can sweeten your ponytail by putting

some mini pins to it, leave it on one side of your neck or just let it down freely behind your neck.
Updos are really great for prom night if you have medium length hair. Loose and messy bun is very trendy these days for wedding and proms. You can also opt for a side bun, a messy updo right on the crown or an updo with a few layers of hair falling on one or both sides of your face.

Prom Hairstyles 2012 for women with curly hair

If you have curly hair, half up curly is the best coiffure to choose from other prom hairstyles 2012. Girls with wavy and not too curly hair can try retro hairstyle, as worn by Marilyn Monroe, but with variations to give a contemporary look.

If you have long curly hair, Jessica Simpson’s curly hairstyle that she wore recently is unsurpassed choice for the prom night. Another hot trend for long and curly hair is the long deconstructed style.

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