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Any woman would want to have long, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. Although growing hair to be healthy and manageable isn't at all hard nor expensive, maintenance of healthy hair, in itself, takes effort and dedication. There are several tips available for growing healthy hair, some specific to certain types of hair.

In addition to the necessary changes in lifestyle such as eating the right kind of food and taking the right types of vitamins, our choices in hair products also affect our hair. The products we use on our hair, such as shampoos and conditioners, may either keep our hair healthy or cause damage.

Choosing the right kind of hair product is important depending on your hair type. Here ar a few things you can look into when choosing the type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair:

  • Curly hair Creamy and moisturizing shampoos work best for curly hair. An ultra-moisturizing conditioner is also recommended for this type of hair.
  • Fine hair A clear, gentle shampoo for frequent washing works well for fine hair. Try looking for products with panthenol; you should also try using talcum powder between hair washings to add body to your hair. Individuals with fine hair do not always need to use conditioner; if you opt to use one though, go for a light weight conditioner. You may also try using a spray on conditioner as these do not weigh down your locks.
  • Processed hair Shampoos made for normal hair work well for processe hair – these products cleanse the scalp while keeping the tips moisturized. Color-protection shampoos should be used by individuals with colored hair. As for conditioners, look for rich conditioners and apply to the tips of your hair; avoid conditioners with silicone as this ingredient will strip your hair of its color.
  • Dry hair Creamy and moisturizing shampoos are recommended as well as the use of ultra moisturizing conditioner.s

When using products for daily use on your hair, you should also remember to use those products made with mild and gentle ingredients. Products made of natural and organic materials are best; vitamin-enriched products are also good for your hair. You should still be careful though, as not all products that claim to be made of natural products are safe. Some may still contain mineral oils, petroleum, and other substances that may damage your hair. Just remember to read the fine print when purchasing hair products.

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