Preparing for Hair Restoration Surgery
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Undergoing hair restoration surgery should not be done on a whim. As with any type of surgical procedure, choosing to go through these types of surgeries need a careful understanding and thorough consideration of all factors involved the cause and probable effects of the surgical procedure.

If after careful consideration you opt to undergo hair restoration surgery, the first step you need to do is consult a licensed medical professional who specializes in hair transplants. Do your research on the numerous clinics and facilities that offer hair transplants before choosing a doctor and clinic that you trust enough to handle your procedure. Knowing you have made an informed decision can give you peace of mind and eventually reduce stress once you have scheduled an initial consultation with the specialist.   

Initial consultations are imperative since it gives the doctor a chance to assess your hair loss condition and determine the type of transplant you will need to undergo. Doctors will also be able to provide you with a quote as well as the expected date for the surgery once the consultation is done.

If you have chosen to undergo hair restoration surgery and have qualified to do so, chances are your surgeon would want you to actively participate in learning about your transplant procedures. You are also encouraged to do anything you can to contribute in making your hair transplant surgery as successful as it can be.

Your surgeon will be providing you a list of specific instructions on how to prepare for your hair restoration surgery. You will need to follow these instructions so as to ensure that there are no complications and that your surgery goes without a hitch. Guidelines provided generally include information on smoking, drinking, and the avoidance of specific vitamins and certain types of medication. Smokers who choose to undergo hair restoration surgery will have to quit the habit at least two weeks before the surgery and stay away from smoking for at least four weeks after the procedure. This is because smoking hampers blood flow to the skin which may interfere with the healing process as well as the results of your hair transplant procedure. Avoidance of medication and alcohol is also encouraged to avoid intraoperative bleeding and reduce the risk of other probable side effects. You may also be advised to take antibiotics a few weeks before the procedure to prevent any infections during the operation.

Most hair transplant surgeons tell their patients to avoid cutting the hair for a minimum of four weeks prior to the date of the procedure to make sure that there is good coverage in the donor site. On the morning of the surgery, you will have to wash your hair and rinse it thoroughly. You should also not use any styling products on your hair.

The preparations you need to do prior to undergoing your hair restoration procedure are not only designed to help you eliminate any concerns regarding the operation, these are also designed to ensure that you get the best chance of success as well as the best possible results.
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