Top 5 popular hairstyles for Women in 2012
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Now most of you know that short haircuts i.e. pixie and bob, are extremely popular hairstyles 2012. But many girls want to know what the five most popular hairstyles are for women in 2012. Following list with the most wanted different hairstyles 2012, reveals this top-secret.

Top 5 popular hairstyles for women in 2012

5. Long curled out hair with Bangs

Long and curly hairstyles with short or long bangs covering your forehead could only hit the fifth spot for the most popular hairstyles 2012. It is a style similar to what Beyoncé Knowles wore in the start of her blockbuster song ;why Don’t You Love Me. She had dyed her hair blonde with dark bangs in forward, you can try any colors of you own choice.

popular hairstyles for women in 2012 popular hairstyles for women in 2012popular hairstyles for women in 2012

4. Blunt Cut

This might come as a surprise that blunt cut has made it to top five. You must have seen this haircut on Olivia Palermo, not long ago. This is a great, new and trendy haircut for any hair length. One of the best things about this haircut is that it gives you the choice to experiment with various options including parting on any side, center paring or even trying tresses.

Blunt Cut Hairstyles Blunt Cut HairstylesBlunt Cut Hairstyles

3. Short Shag

Over all look of short shag that depicts that you are careless about your appearance but the trims reveal your fashion-consciousness. This style was promoted by two of the hottest American celebs: Paris Hilton and Sharon Osborne.

Paris Hilton wore a style that is similar to one worn by Katie Holmes previously. Sharon’s short shag was better in appearance as it had tousles and spikes giving it a different appearance. It is believed that this style will take ages to go out of style.

Short Shag Hairstyles Short Shag HairstylesShort Shag Hairstyles

2. Bob Haircut

Have you seen January Jones bob do? It is on the second spot of our popular hairstyles 2012 for women. Though bob is usually considered to be a do for straight hair, January experimented and gave it a wavy touch, which made her look fabulous.
Scarlett Johansson also wore a similar bob but it was asymmetrical, after wearing her long wavy hairstyle for ages.

Bob Hairstyles 2012 Bob Hairstyles 2012 Bob Hairstyles 2012

1. Pixie Cut

Just like number 2, no surprises here. As already anticipated by many topnotch hairstylists, the number one among the most popular hairstyles 2012 is pixie haircut. Many celebrities including Harry Potter’s actress, Emma Watson, cut their long hair to try this flirty and girly hairstyle. Carey Mulligan is believed to promote and popularize this hairstyle. Several other top superstars including Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Meg Ryan, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Winslet, have worn pixie during the last few months.

Pixie Hairstyles 2012 Pixie Hairstyles 2012 Pixie Hairstyles 2012

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