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There is an emerging trend of hairstyles every year but some of the hairstyles tend to be popular always. They never tend to age and find takers in all seasons. These are the popular hairstyles of all ages. Some of the most popular hairstyles for 2011 have come from 50s and 60s when they were worn by Elvis Presley or Madonna. These are the hairstyles that never age and in even the modern day world they are equally popular as they were in yesteryears.

- Layered haircut is one of the trendiest women’s short hairstyles that is extremely popular with women of all ages. If you love layered hair you can opt for a little messy look with the layered haircut.

Popular Hairstyles 2011Popular Hairstyles 2011Popular Hairstyles 2011

- Bangs look awesome with layered hairstyles. A few flicks on the front give a trendy and young look to the face. You can try bangs with short layered haircut as popular women’s hairstyles for 2011.

- Young men around the world are favouring dangerous and daring looks. This is what makes the spiky look one of the most favourite ones in all times. It is yet another popular haircut for 2011.

- Crew cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for 2011and will always remain the trendiest hairstyle. This is especially common with men who wish to have “wash and wear” kind of hairstyle.

- Dreadlocks have been the most common and most popular hairstyles for black women. There are several popular hairstyles 2011 for women with darker skin they possess a different texture and need to handle their hair differently.

- The retro look from 50s and 60s is back again. Long hairstyles are once again in fashion and since the retro look is coming back in to the fashion world long hair hairstyles are here to stay for long time.

- Fashion stylists have been experimenting with styles of braids to give you long braided hair a new look that can be worn every day. Long hair braided hairstyles are popular in the new season as well.

- Long length hairstyles have always been popular with bangs. They look neat with long straight hair or long hair with thick waves and curls. You can tie a straight pony tails if you have curly hair and you get them straightened.

- Bob haircut is always in fashion and is yet another one of the most popular hairstyles for 2011. It is perennial haircut that always remains in fashion. It is great haircut that can be clubbed with layers and bangs and is good for modern day women. Bob haircut gives thick look to the crown and makes you look younger.

Popular hairstyles 2011 for modern day men and women has emerged from growing fast pace of life which also needs to be stylish, prim and proper. The modern day men and women are workaholic and multi-tasking. They also need to take care of their fashion needs and spend time on their looks as well. Bob haircuts, bangs, spikes, pixie haircuts, etc. are all popular hairstyles for 2011.

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