Pixie Hairstyles 2012 for women - for Older women - with Round Face
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Pixie hairstyles 2012 are a must if you happen to have short hair. The reason behind this is that this hairdo secured the first position on the list of most popular hairstyles 2012. Certain variations of pixie do have been worn by many topnotch celebs during the last year and this trend is still continuing. Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Halle Berry are some of the personages who wore this style.

Pixie Hairstyles 2012 for women with short hair

Pixie hairstyles 2012 for short hair are preferred by women from different age groups and different walks of life, however, these styles are typically favorite option among workingwomen. When the scorching sun rises in summers, demand for this tomboyish hairstyle increases further.

There are countless variations for pixie hairdo but these are the most sought-after cuts this year: with deep side swept bangs and side parting, with spiky hair, sleek in front and shaggy hair in the back, with choppy bangs, swept forward with tousled hair, mildly punk with uneven ends and bangs and classical pixie with not extras.

Pixie Hairstyles 2012 for women with short hair Pixie Hairstyles 2012 for women with short hairPixie Hairstyles 2012 for women with short hair

Pixie hairstyles for older women

Pixie hairstyles 2012 are as hot for mature and older women as they were on any time in the past. This style enhances the focus on your facial features and you can see man first-class aging female celebs wearing this do. Sharon Stone is one of these luminaries.
Pixie lott is the hottest style for older women. Julie Andrews’s extremely short pixie cut is one of the best choices for older ladies. As you can see both the mentioned celebs kept it ‘sleek’, therefore, avoid messy or shaggy looks for your pixie – leave it for the young ones.

Pixie hairstyles for older women Pixie hairstyles for older womenPixie hairstyles for older women

Pixie hairstyles for round faces

Pixie hairstyles 2012 go perfectly with round faces. Owing to the unique nature of pixie, which does not add volume to your sides, you can try any option including spiky, messy, shaggy or layered pixie. One of the most talked about and sought-after pixie do last year was worn by the Keira Knightly, the cute actress who appeared in Pirates of Carrabin.

If you have a round face, you can also try pixie with side parting and/or side swept bangs. You can adjust the length of bangs according to your facial features.

Pixie hairstyles for round faces Pixie hairstyles for round facesPixie hairstyles for round faces

Another superb option to modify your pixie is use jagged layers with it as worn by Meg Ryan – the Hollywood’s baby doll, Nora Zehetner – the baby face and Emma Watson – the British doll who appeared in Harrypoty.

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