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There are individuals who are born Hirsutistic, meaning that they naturally have excess hair. On the other hand there may be others, particularly some women, who do not have hirsutism but have unwanted hair on their face. In either condition, having unwanted hair can be distressful, as this may be embarrassing and inconvenient. Because of such, some of these individuals resort to having their hair removed through surgical or non-surgical methods. It must be noted, however, that these methods - surgical or non-surgical, do not promise 100% permanent removal of the hair. For surgical procedures such as electrolysis and laser hair removal, the desired results may take longer to achieve.

Electrolysis is a technique used that is comparable to that of the electric hair removal method, which involves the use of a very fine needle. The bulb of the hair is coagulated as the needle is inserted. This procedure will deaden the root. Generally, this method is effective but tedious, as the treatment often lasts several years. As mentioned before, the results may also take a long time to achieve.

For those who have a phobia of needles, you might want to think twice since this procedure may be painful.

Laser hair removal is yet another technique commonly known which involves the use of a light. In this kind of hair removal procedure, a laser emits an invisible light which enters the skin without doing any damage to it; but destructs the functions and impairs the follicle's ability to fabricate hair. Compared to Electrolysis, hair removal is done more rapidly as the procedure allows treatment of a very large area of the body.

For those not light-skinned, this type of hair removal method only yields great results on the light-skinned.

In deciding to have unwanted hair removed using either the above procedures, always remember that the results may vary depending on the type of your skin, the type of treatment being given, and the observance of instructions and precautions for maintenance of the treatment. It is also recommended that you do your own research when deciding to go through surgical hair removal treatment. Consult your friends, relatives, and trusted hair treatment center for more information on how to go about permanent hair removal.

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