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The most effective way to a beautiful, healthy hair is to follow a healthy diet. Like the body, the hair needs certain foods that will make it healthy and strong. Eating healthy food will result to a healthy body, which also has effects on the hair.

Certain foods when incorporated in your daily diet will make a difference in your hair in a matter of weeks. These can also prevent the problem of hair loss due to hair fall and other hair deficiencies. Below are a few food items that need to be included in your diet.

  • Minerals such as Calcium, Silica, Iron, Zinc, and Copper

Green vegetables and seafood provide calcium to the body while Silica can be obtained from raw oats, rice, lettuce, parsnips, asparagus, onion, strawberry, cabbage, cucumber, leek, and celery. These strengthen the hair, preventing hair breakage. Iron, which can be taken from dried fruits, cherry juice, and red meat, allow oxygen to efficiently flow through the hair follicles. Zinc is provided in meat and seafood.

  • Protein

Protein intake is vital as the hair is mainly comprised of proteins. This will also give your hair more strength as it prevents hair from splitting, reinforcing the hair follicles and preventing hair from falling out. Foods that are rich in protein are wheat germs, calves liver, granulated lecithin and brewers yeast, fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals.

  • Vitamins

Your diet has to have all the vitamins that help in the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin A through carrots, spinach, flax, walnuts or pumpkins can prevent malfunctioning of the thyroid system that may eventually lead to hair loss. Vitamin B and C are for hair growth and hair color, as they readily improve the absorption of iron into the body. These vitamins found in fruits like banana, orange, and sweet lime can fight off greasy hair. Nuts, seeds, olive oil or avocados highly contain Vitamin E, which is good for iron absorption as well.

  • Water

It is also important to keep your hair well hydrated. One-fourth of the weight of a hair strand is made up of water. This is what makes hair supple and soft. Be sure to drink six to eight glasses. Replenishing your body with water will also keep your hair silky and shiny.

Along with a nutritional diet for the hair, exercise is vital as well. It will ensure the presence of proper flow of blood to your scalp, aiding in the growth of hair. Given this simple guide making your hair healthy the natural way, your hair will most likely respond well, allowing you to have that beautiful, lustrous healthy hair.

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