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Medium length hair is often best to wear most of the times. They let you free to choose you hair in any manner and get a perfect hairstyle for any occasion. If you are wearing jeans and t-shirt for a casual outing, you can wear them loose while shopping. While doing household chores they can be swept up in a lose pony tail. On formal occasions medium haircuts can be done into an elegant up do that have rolled curls popping out giving you the look of a dame.

- Medium haircuts 2011 offer ample to choose from starting with a perfect layered haircut. You can end up having flicks at the end to give a spiky look to your layered haircut.

Medium Hairstyles 2011Medium Hairstyles 2011Medium Hairstyles 2011

- One of the advantages of medium length hairstyles is that you can always combine them with short length hairstyles to give a completely mixed appearance for your hair. Moreover, such a combination haircut complete with streaking with hair colours gives an unabashed sexy look.

- Katie Holmes is one of the biggest celebs to have ‘famous big hair’ always. She keeps experimenting with the length of her hair and gets a better looking hairstyle every time.

- You can get the 1980’s medium hairstyle 2011 for the new look this season. Make use of a hairspray to get keep up the interest. You can then wear the streaked hair either swept up in a pony tail or left to hand loose on your shoulders.

- Layers definitely work wonders with medium hairstyles but remember to never let them go over your eyes in short hair and over the ear lobes in case of longer hair. The look will not be symmetrical and everyday you will end up struggling giving yourself an organised look.

- If you have curly hair, summers can be a great time to experiment with your medium hairstyle. You can opt to have them turned into shorter length for the warmer season and then let them grow over two to three months when the season is back again for longer hair. This way you will be able to don two or even three hairstyles within one year.

- Prom is one elegant event where you can really choose the best suited hair do. An array of medium hairstyles for prom 2011 is available to choose from that suit your personality, prom dress and the shape of your face.

- Medium length hair is best to opt for when you wear a pony tail more often. Pony tails are great looking at work or even with casual wear on weekend shopping. If you have curly hair, pony tails can give you nice wavy look with small locks hanging around the ear.

- Working with a hairstylist can actually give you more ideas and creativity when thinking about the medium haircuts for 2011. It all depends upon the kind of personality you want to look like in the coming year. Medium length hairstyles 2011 come and go every year and trends change from year to year. With growing faster pace of life that is also exciting and trendier each day, most women prefer to wear looks that are easy to manage and yet stand out differently amidst the crowd.

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