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Several hair removal procedures made available to those suffering from unwanted hair still cannot resolve the constant struggle of having to get rid of hair. These pertain to the use of shavers and shaving cream, hair removal cream, waxing, and tweezing.

Imagine freedom from unwanted hair with the use of laser hair removal, which is light years ahead of those painful methods of the past. Laser hair removal is a remarkable new technology that ends costly repetitive procedures such as waxing, tweezing, shaving and electrolysis.  This technology is safe and convenient offering you an alternative that was never before available.

Laser hair removal is another alternative for hair reduction and is an advanced means of permanently removing hair, saving more time and money compared to the mentioned troublesome hair removal procedures. Through laser hair removal the growth of unsightly hair is reduced significantly.

In most Manhattan hair and dermatological clinics, and spa centers, laser hair removal is offered.
Here are some clinics and medical spas that offer laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Skin Therapy USA
Skin Therapy USA, a professional facility that provides sophisticated technology and superior quality service, highly prioritizes the needs of its clients. It provides a pressure free extensive consultation guide to inform candidates of the various treatments available. Unlike other hair removal procedures being practiced, Skin Therapy USAs laser technology is able to treat large areas of hair all at once. This laser hair specializing center provides FDA approved gentle and effective hair removal at a reasonable cost and time.

EpiCenters for Professional Hair Removal
Founded by registered nurses, this laser hair removal specializing center is currently operated by a team of skilled EpiLight technicians, collaboratively working with consulting physicians. A branch in Manhattan, like the other three branches in Westchester, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, provide convenience to those who opt to undergo permanent hair reduction performed by certified professionals. Epicenters for Professional Hair Removal introduces the latest advancement in laser hair removal technology – the EpiLight System or the intense pulsed light. This allows customized treatments according to an individuals hair color, its texture and his or her skin color. This technology aids in satisfying a clients personal beauty objectives.

Advanced Derma-Laser
Advanced Derma-Laser, started the business since 1999. Now it serves communities in New York City with several branches specifically located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Bronx. Certified Laser Specialist and Owner Jennifer Kandemir has 20 years of experience in cosmetology.

Aside from the above mentioned cosmetic and dermatological clinic and spa centers, there are more that offer laser hair removal in Manhattan. Folks interested in laser hair removal are highly recommended to get as much information before deciding upon which laser hair removal facility to go to and undergo laser hair removal treatment.

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