Layered Hairstyles 2011 - Long, Medium & Short Layered Haircuts 2011
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Layered hairstyle is good for long straight hairs. Layers look good with medium length hair, long length or even small short bob cut hairstyle. If all depends upon the choice of haircut you have an you can combine it will layers to give yourself a completely new look.

- If you have lovely long wavy hairstyle like Eva Longoria, you can combine the haircut with wavy hairs and long layered hairstyles for the oval shaped face. Long layered haircut is one of the most basic and versatile kinds of haircuts amongst all others.

Layered Hairstyles 2011Layered Hairstyles 2011Layered Hairstyles 2011

- If you want layers to be seen differently, then hairs must be extremely straight and should also be cut in different layers in a straight line. Hairs cut at an angle will not reflect a proper layered haircut.

- If you are planning to have a classic bob haircut you can have a layered haircut in the front where hairs can be side parted and cut into layers to give a feeling of thick hairs in the crown.

- Lisa Rinna carried a layered short haircut for several years which was also known as “short shag” by several people. She achieved the complete look by razoring her hair which gave her texture to her hair.

- Layered haircut can also enable you to give look with the help of gels that is not a single style and there are several layers that are overlapping without giving having any particular style.

- Hair stylists have come up with innovative options to match the bob with layered hairstyle. It is also combined with other haircuts such as spikes or pixie style.

- Wavy hair can also be cut into layered haircut 2011 choose to do them as an up do as the sophisticated or more formal look. These waves can also be hung loose around shoulders or pinned into neat hairstyles if needed.

- Layered haircut can also be swept into a neat hairdo on formal occasions with hairs hanging loose on the sides to give a young look to the face.

- If you have long hairs, then you can have layered haircut and have a short ponytail. You can wax few of your hair strands and create a spiky sprouting effect along with your ponytail. You can be quite creative with a layered haircut.

- You can add depth to your hair or if you have blonde hair but highlighting your hair with dark brown or layers of tan or golden to give a thick look.

- Inverted bob haircut has long layered haircut in the front that goes smaller towards the neck to give a modern and sassy look of the year.

- Before carrying the similar look as your favorite celeb who has been wearing a layered haircut, think of your own facial cuts and personality. It is important that the new haircut should also suit you rather than it suits your favorite celebrity.

- Moreover, celeb layered hairstyle may look awesome on them but they may actually not practical for you as you may not be able to spend such long hours in front of the mirror as celebs themselves.

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