Laser Hair Removal in New York City, NY
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Laser Hair Removal is one of the best ways to permanently remove hair in unwanted areas of the body. A lot of individuals are choosing to have their hair removed this way instead of going about other conventional methods of hair removal such as plucking, waxing, and using lotions.

In metropolitan areas, this type of hair removal is even more popular. A lot of dermatological clinics and spas have sprouted up; offering laser hair removal treatments for people who seek to have them. Anyone who wants to undergo treatments for laser hair removal in New York does not have to look too hard to find clinics, spas, and specialist doctors who offer laser hair removal treatments. Here are a few of the dermatological centers and spas that provide services for laser hair removal:

Saratoga Dermatology

Under the supervision of Dr. Jean Buhac, Saratoga Dermatology offers laser hair removal in Saratoga Springs. Aside from hair removal, this spa and dermatological center also offers Botox injections, collagen, facials, peels, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, rosacea treatments, laser vein removal, sun free tanning, laser acne treatment, laser wrinkle removal, and laser scar removal.

Lindsay House Medical Spa

Being run by Vito C. Quatela, MD and William Koenig, MD, Lindsay House Medical Spa operates in Rochester and offers non surgical dermatological treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox, peels, photo rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, cellulite therapy, vein treatments, and collagen.

Juva MediSpa

Juva Medispa offers laser hair removal in New York. Run by Bruce E. Katz, MD, PC, this medical spa also offer facial and other body treatments that help in enhancing people's appearance. Services offered include treatments for the reduction of wrinkles, improvement of sun damaged skin, lightening of sun spots, therapeutic massage, Endermologie cellulite treatments. Juva Medispa also offers post surgery paramedical make up.

Dermacare Medical

Dermacare Medical PC offers advanced derma laser packages and provides treatment for the following areas: lower legs, thighs, full legs including the bikini line, buttocks, genital area, back, shoulders, abdomen, lower back, and many others. Dr. Yuriy Yagudin is the founder and medical director of Dermacare Medical PC.

Romeo and Juliette Laser Hair Removal New York

The Romeo and Juliette Laser Hair Removal Center uses advanced laser technology for hair removal, treatment for sun damaged skin, face and leg telangiectasias, and pigmented lesions. The Romeo and Juliette Laser Hair Removal Center is owned by Christian Karavolas, the President of the New York State Association of Laser Hair Removal Specialists. The center uses multiple types of lasers: Alexandrite lasers, the Elite™, and the GentleLASE 755nm alexandrige laser.

There are a whole lot more laser hair removal centers in New York. Before deciding to go to a specific clinic or spa treatment center, make sure the center can be trusted and that they offer the best and top of the line facilities. Do your research and ask around. Most of the best laser hair removal centers are sure to have patrons who do not hesitate to spread the word on their good experiences with that specific spa.

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