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Various hair removal procedures have been made available to those suffering from unwanted hair. These include the use of shavers and shaving cream, hair removal cream, waxing, and tweezing. However, another advanced hair procedure is becoming more prevalent, saving more time and money from the mentioned troublesome hair removal procedures. Through laser hair removal unsightly hair is permanently eliminated.

In vicinities such as in Long Island, most hair and dermatological clinics, and spas offer the mentioned permanent hair removal treatment. For those living within Long Island who are interested to undergo a hair removal treatment, here is a list of the clinics and medical spas that cater laser hair removal in Long Island.

Laser Cosmetica
Client care is what Laser Cosmetica stresses its focus on by providing a highly trained staff of licensed skin care professionals. Experienced skin care specialists with vast experience conduct all Laser Cosmetica consultations to ensure policies and standard medical system is maintained. Moreover, nationally renowned physicians and surgeons are committee to provide clients with the safest, most relaxing and most effective treatment course available in todays market.

EpiCenters for Professional Hair Removal
Experienced registered nurses founded this laser hair removal establishment. Currently, Epicenters for Professional Hair Removal is operated by skilled EpiLight technicians, who work with a team of consulting physicians. The centers located in three areas in New York provide accessibility to those who opt to undergo permanent hair reduction performed by certified professionals. Epicenters for Professional Hair Removal introduces the latest advancement in laser hair removal technology the EpiLight System or the intense pulsed light, allowing customized treatments according to ones hair color, its texture and ones skin color. This technology helps satisfy clients personal beauty objectives.

Smooth Synergy®
Smooth Synergy® has state of the art lasers, successfully treating all skin types comfortably and safely. Furthermore, Smooth Synergy® lasers is proven to have the most effective lasers in the industry as these are FDA approved for use in permanent hair reduction. Candela GentleLASE Plus and Candela GentleYAG are specific Smooth Synergy® treatment procedures for permanent hair reduction.

Gentle Touch Laser
At Gentle Touch Laser, every laser hair removal session is medically supervised by highly trained staff. This ensures that procedures are properly applied to successfully achieve hair laser results. The hair laser specializing center gives their clients a 3-year written guarantee, affordable price for treatments while providing quality service.

These are only a few of the widespread laser hair removal centers in Long Island. Folks interested in laser hair removal are highly recommended to get as much information before deciding upon which laser hair removal facility to go to and undergo laser hair removal treatment.

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