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Many of people who have their hair removed, or remove their unwanted hair by themselves, usually use hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams. Using these things can be effective: waxing can give you good results but can also cause burns and irritation if not used properly, razors do get rid of unwanted hair but the hair grows back immediately, and depilatory creams also work but it can harm your skin if left on for too long, plus, the smell is something that needs getting used to.

Laser hair removal is probably one of the best and safest ways to rid yourself of hair removal woes. Laser hair removal can permanently remove hair and is relatively painless compared to waxing and plucking. Getting rid of unwanted hair through laser hair removal procedures is rapidly increasing in popularity. Women who want to clean up their bikini lines, men who want to get rid of unsightly hair on their chest and backs, and individuals who simply want to get rid of hair on their arm pits, legs, arms, and face are looking to undergo laser hair removal to put a stop to the growth of hair on unsightly areas of the body.

A lot of people are talking about laser hair removal and a lot of spas and treatment salons are offering this procedure. However, before having the procedure done, you should do a bit of research and acquaint yourself with the equipment used in laser hair removal procedures.

Laser hair removal equipment, no matter how modern or up to date the treatment center is, still adheres to a certain standard set by the industry and the FDA. One of the most common pieces of laser hair removal equipment is the IPL or Intense Pulse Light. The IPL is based on a xenon flash lamp and has several focus optics. This piece of equipment is not only used for hair removal, it can also be used to correct other dermatological flaws such as dyspigmentation, pigmented and vascular birth marks, and acne Rosacea, making it a very important piece of equipment to have in any salon or spa.

In truth, the IPL device is not exactly a laser as defined by how Physics view lasers in general. A laser light works differently from the xenon based IPL flash lamp the device known as laser hair removal equipment. The IPL xenon based flash light looks like a hand held device usually handled by technicians. The flash light uses almost the full spectrum of light, together with infrared light, to produce beams used in hair removal treatments. These beams of light are focused over the area that needs treatment and works by looking for the pigmented hair and destroying the follicle once the hair has been found. Any treatment using this type of laser hair removal equipment guarantees no damage to the tissue and is probably one of the safest procedures available for hair removal.

For individuals who want better efficiency and more permanent results, photothermolysis is the better option. This method, when used properly by an accredited doctor with experience in this field of treatments, can provide very pleasant results after a few sessions.

All types of laser hair removal equipment are complicated and will require specialists and technicians for them to be properly effective. However, these equipment present some of the best ways available to permanently remove hair in the safest way possible.

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