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The popularity of laser hair removal is increasing by leaps and bounds. A lot of medical treatment spas and clinics are offering laser hair removal procedures using a variety of state of the art lasers and machines. You can find these clinics and even medical practitioners online or simply ask at the spas around your general area. You may even create initial contact with the spa to ask questions about their procedures and prices through their websites. Some of the well known treatment centers and clinics that offer laser hair removal in Connecticut are the following:

Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Center

The Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Center uses Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology to offer gentle, non invasive, and a long lasting solution to their clients unwanted hair woes. Individuals who have unwanted hair growing on their face, legs, bikini lines, back, and other areas of the body can go to the Laser and Skin Rejuvenation in Connecticut to undergo the IPL based procedure for hair removal. John W. Redmond, MD. is the medical director of the Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Center.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology has been in use for almost a decade in treating birthmarks. Procedures using IPL have been performed to safely remove hair, eliminating dozens with a single pulse. IPL removes the hair through the selective absorption of controlled flashes of laser light in the hair filled follicles in the skin. The light that is absorbed generates heat which destroys the follicles ability to regrow.

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal
Ideal Images hair removal procedures are performed by experts who always have their patients comfort and safety in mind. Ideal Imagae also pioneers in research and in establishing standards for non invasive laser hair removal procedures for the whole body. Ideal Image is also involved in the evaluation of latest technological advancements in the industry, scrutinizing new procedures for safety, reliability, and efficiency of results.

Using the latest in laser treatment, practitioners at Ideal Image can customize their treatment procedures to fit any patients individual skin and hair type, ensuring the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the treatment. A lot of customers choose Ideal Image because it is one of the leaders in laser hair removal in the United States, employing only licensed professionals to perform their laser treatment procedures. The procedures offered by Ideal Image are also affordable and cost effective. Ideal Image also has a full training in house facility.

One well known practitioner that provides laser hair removal services in Connecticut is board certified plastic surgeon Rick Rosen, MD. Dr. Rosen offers his services in Fairfield Clounty, with procedures ranging from the surgical to non surgical cosmetic treatments which include laser hair removal.

Other known facilities and practitioners that offer laser hair removal in Connecticut are the Laser Centers of Connecticut, County Medical Laser Center, Aesthetics Center with Robert C. Langdon, MD., Holistic Health Partnerint, Plastic Surgery Center Inc., Fortier Rena MD., Maria O Brien MD., Enfield Dermatology LLc., Schwartz Daniel FACS., Laser Body Solutions, Sona MedSpa, Wolf Dermatology and Laser Center, Advanced Skin Care and Laser Center, Aesthetic Center of Fairfield and US Laser Hair.

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