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The growth of facial hair is common in men; however, there are several cases wherein women experience the growth of facial hair. The growth of facial hair on women may be caused by hereditary factors or by drastic changes in ones hormone levels. This condition occurs rarely, but when it does, can cause embarrassment and may be a deterrent to the womans normal social interaction.

As a solution to the growth of facial hair for women, laser facial hair removal treatments are being made available in salons and spas. The facial hair removal, which can be used to remove hair from the chin, side burn area, and from the upper lip, is a fast and easy procedure. The treatment is relatively more comfortable compared to other forms of facial hair removal procedures such as electrolysis and waxing and, as an added plus, women need not to grow out the hair on their face when undergoing laser facial hair removal.

There are several options available for removing facial hair aside from laser facial hair treatments. These options include shaving, using tweezers, topical hair removal solutions, waxing, electric hair removal, and electrolysis. Laser facial hair removal, however, has risen in popularity and has been known to be both more effective and easier compared to the other hair removal treatments available. It is a procedure that removes hair fast and can be used in large areas of the body.

Laser hair removal works with the use of a laser that produces a type of light that penetrates the skin and is then absorbed by the pigments in the pilous follicle. This light damages the follicle and prevents it from producing hair. This method has been proven to be both safe and effective. The lasers used in this type of hair removal treatments can also be modified to suit the patient’s skin type – so it will not matter what skin type you have, the laser facial hair removal treatment will work for you.

This treatment procedure may be considered a permanent solution to female facial hair. Continued treatments will help decrease the growth of hair and the diameter of the hair as well. Laser facial hair removal is a great option for individuals who want a more permanent solution rather than temporary fixes to their facial hair problems. If you are thinking about undergoing laser facial hair removal treatments, then you need to make sure that the treatment center of your choice performs the procedure under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.

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