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Indian women are known to have big long dark hair. However, the country has a large and diversified cultural habitat and hairs as well as textures also vary across the length and the breadth of the country. Women in northern India tend to have mixed hair types ranging from long to short with their hair colour ranging from golden brown to dark brown. Women in the eastern India typically have dark and extremely straight hair with very thin texture. On the other hand, south Indian women typically have completely black hairs that are mainly curvy or extremely curly. This mixture of hair types give a large variety Indian haircuts and Indian hairstyles for women to choose from.

- Indian hairstyles 2011 carry the looks of modern women that are taking up fashion seriously and are also ready to experiment with their new looks. However, girls and women tend to have medium length or long hair but short and bob haircuts as Indian haircuts for 2011 are also in fashion now.

Indian Hairstyles 2011Indian Hairstyles 2011Indian Hairstyles 2011

- Women with extremely long hair still tend to do braids as their most preferred everyday choice. On special occasion, large buns and stylish hairstyles are mostly preferred as the Indian hairstyles for 2011.

- Most Indian women tend to have longer length of their hair. The growing trend for 2011 is to let them loose with medium length. Layered haircut gives a little tussled look with spikes at the end.

- Such a layered haircut with medium length hair can also be pinned into a big iron curls on special occasions to carry a youthful yet sophisticated look. Remember the cheery look of Sushmita Sen in “Mein Hun Na”. Her layered haircut could be swept into a pony tail and can also be let loose with a wavy bounce.

- Long hairstyles are Deepika Padukone’s forte. She dons her long hair in maximum possible styles. Mostly she is seen flaunting her long pony tail with neat back combed hair. Her pony tail is often colourful with streaks of blonde, golden and brown.

- Deepika Padukone also ties her hair with her long black hair swept in to a neat updo on formal occasions like her appearance at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

- A blunt haircut that ends up just above the shoulder length is opted as a modern yet sophisticated. This hairstyle is opted by nearly everyone from very small girls to mature women.

- Short bob haircuts are now popular even with middle aged women as the preferred Indian haircuts 2011. Girls are ready to experiment with their bob haircuts giving them a mix of layered with bob haircut.

- Men have also started experimenting with their hair and crew cut, spikes or mushroom cut are one of the trendiest Indian haircuts for 2011. One of the most popular hairstyles that gained popularity was Salman Khan haircut in Tere Naam. This hairstyle is still popular amongst young men with middle parting still finding its way into 2011.

Indian hairstyles 2011 are getting richer with every season and people are looking for newer looks every season. Young India and the gen-next is ready to experiment with their haircuts and hairstyles equivocally.

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