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Different people have different types and textures of hair straight, curly, wavy, thick and whatnot the sure sign of healthy hair is its shine, manageability, and glossiness. Healthy, manageable hair is any woman's dream. Women would spend a lot of cash for regular hair treatments in hopes of growing healthy and manageable hair; however, getting healthy hair is not at all that difficult to do.

Growing and keeping your hair healthy may be achieved through a following a few simple steps that include a slight change in one's lifestyle:

  • Eat healthy and living healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is a major factor in keeping your hair healthy;  this includes having a proper and well balanced diet also. A good helping of vitamin and mineral rich diet will go a long way in maintaining healthy shiny hair and in keeping your self healthy as well. Any change in diet will also be reflected in your hair it may cause your hair to stop growing and fall out. This is common knowledge; however, not all of us have the discipline nor the time to eat properly. The best way to remedy this is to take vitamin and food supplements. A diet rich in protein, Vitamin A, B and C should do your hair well. The intake of plenty of water should also help.

  • Using natural and organic hair care products

Try to use products that are made of organic materials or all natural materials. Most commercially produced shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your hair in the long run. Regular shampooing and conditioningo f hair using all natural products can keep your hair looking beautiful. Some ingredients to look for in organic hair care products include jojoba, wheat germ, coconut oil, keratin, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, and essential oils.

  • Exercising proper hygiene

Exercising proper hygiene is essential for healthy hair this includes washing the hair regularly, daily or every other day, using a natural and mild shampoo and brushing hair properly. Proper shampooing and brushing of hair stimulates the oil glands and promotes circulation which in turn contribute to healthier hair.

  • Brushing your hair before going to bed

Brush your hair before going to bed. Proper brushing helps in removing dirrt and other particles that may cause damage to the hair. Brushing also helps in promoting circulation which increases the amount of oxygen that goes to th scalp.

  • Weekly massage of oil

Regularly massaging your hair and scalp with jojoba oil and other fragrant oils help in keeping your hair and scalp moisturized as well as help prevent the development of dandruff.

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