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Hormones are naturally occurring chemicals produced by the glands in our body. These chemicals perform a variety of functions from reproduction, general health, and emotions. The thyroid gland produces these hormones, releasing it into the blood stream to trigger effects based on the cell that receives the chemical.

The activity of hormones within the body is responsible for a wide range of tasks; the amount of these hormones needs to be at a specific balance in order for things to go smoothly. Any change in hormonal balance can have adverse effects on the body, and this includes the loss of hair.

A hormonal imbalance in the body can cause hair loss. Generally, common hair loss is caused by the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is produced both by men and women and travels to the hair follicles through the blood stream. Testosterone in itself does not have a dramatic effect on the hair follicle, but testosterone, once inside the hair follicle, is converted into another form of hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT by enzymes found in the body. The DHT affects the hair follicles on the scalp, causing the hair to thin out and will eventually kill off the follicles that produce hair.

The effects of testosterone levels are more predominant in men. However, testosterone also affects women who have a strong genetic predisposition to some forms of hair loss. Any increase in the levels of testosterone in the body, however minimal, can cause the hair on the scalp to become thinner.

Any imbalance in hormonal production also has an effect women's hair loss. The increase of certain hormones in the body that occur during and after pregnancy and menopause can affect the hair follicles. Women who go through these natural cycles in their life can notice changes in the production and density of hair. The ovaries that produce hormones tend to manufacture more of the male hormones than female hormones. This excessive production of androgens results in hair loss. Dermatologists and other specialists may be able to study the hair follicles to determine the effects of androgen on the cells. The hormones themselves may not directly cause hair loss. Women's daily diets and nutritional intake are also extremely important as the nutrients taken in can and will affect the production of hormones in the body.

As a course of hair loss treatment for women, minoxidil or Rogaine may be purchased without a prescription. Daily applications for a minimum of four months may be needed to see any regrowth of hair. However, not everyone may be satisfied with the results brought about by these drugs. Stopping the use of these medications will cause the new hair that has grown to fall out. Other alternatives to these medications are also offered. These alternatives, although more expensive, can produce more permanent and better results: hair laser restoration techniques and hair transplant repair surgeries. One should always have on his mind that any attempt at treating hair loss disorders should be overseen and facilitated by a licensed medical practitioner. Remember to consult your physician before deciding on any course of treatment.

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