Herbs to Fight Hair Loss
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Hair loss can be a distressing experience for people who experience it. Anyone can go through this rather stressful experience at a certain point in their life fortunately, there are a number of available treatments to help fight hair loss. Some of the most common hair loss treatments include changing ones diet, getting supplements, taking medications such as Minoxidil, Rogaine, and Propecia, and the most drastic treatment for hair loss - surgery.

A great alternative to these typical treatment options is the use of herbal supplements. Herbal supplements cause minimal side effects and can improve your overall well being and health while stimulating the growth of hair.  Whether your reason for using herbs is to improve your circulation, to stop the loss of hair, or to block the hormone dihydrotestosterone, herbs are highly effective mechanisms to fight hair loss.

Here are some herbs that are commonly recommended to combat problems related to hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a valuable herb in fighting premature hair loss. It has been used to fight hair problems for hundreds of years and has been shown to be an effective remedy for the loss of hair. Saw Palmetto blocks the DHT hormone which causes hair loss, thereby effectively decreasing the rate of hair loss. Saw Palmetto can be taken in capsule form, added to herbal formulas, or applied to the hair as oil.


Horsetail improves circulation and the flow of blood. This is necessary for proper growth of hair and also stimulates the follicles. High in Silica, Horsetail helps to strengthen hair as well as enhance its vitality. It is often added to herbal concoctions to fight male pattern baldness.


Rosemary helps unclog follicles thereby promoting growth of hair. Rosemary may be massaged onto the scalp as oil. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals.

Siberian Ginseng

Together with saw palmetto, Ginseng is one of the most commonly used herbs to combat hair loss. Siberian Ginseng provides the body many benefits, one of which is an increase in stimulation and an improvement in the circulation of blood. These effects help in fighting hair loss and in repairing weak and damaged hair. Ginseng also removes toxins that may clog the follicles. Ginseng may be applied directly to the hair and scalp or can be taken in a capsule form.


Rich in vitamins and minerals, nettle works great in promoting circulation and stimulating the growth of hair. It is known to block BPH and is known to be very useful in fighting hair loss.

Other natural herbs to fight hair loss include Evening Primrose Oil and Flaxseed oil, Zinc, and Biotin. Evening Primrose Oil and Flaxseed oil are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for the development of strong and healthy hair. Taking evening primrose oil thrice a day can prevent hair loss that is attributed to excess flaking and the shedding of skin. Flaxseed oil improves the health of hair and nails, it also aids in healing scalp lesions. Zinc improves thyroid function and reduces hair loss that is caused by hypothyroidism. Biotin helps strengthen the hair and reduce the oiliness and flakiness of the scalp.

Before starting your herbal treatment, it is important to keep your safety in mind and check with your physician first.

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