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Though most of us do not do this as often, body massage is one of the best antidotes for stress. It is extremely relaxing, and calming. Particularly, your scalp can also greatly benefit from a regular massage as it stimulates blood flow. This stimulation of the blood flow helps feed the hair follicles. As a result, hair loss can be prevented. In addition, the natural development of healthy hair is reestablished through scalp massage.

Below are some healthy hair scalp massage guidelines to help you avoid hair loss, as well as keep your hair healthy.

  • When massaging your scalp, use your fingertips not your nails. Do this on a daily basis to promote circulation to your scalp.

  • In doing a friction massage, use the balls of the fingers in rapid movements over the scalp. Move the fingers firmly in circular motion over the whole scalp from the frontal part of the head as your fingers move to the back area near the nape. Use the same movement when moving towards the front of the head. The scalp will feel tingled and relaxed because of the said rapid action.
  • Similar to the friction massage, the kneading massage makes use of the balls of the fingers of both hands that are all spread out over the scalp. Press firmly and rotate the skin on the head. Place the fingers over the scalp without moving them. Rotate the skin in one area then move to another area of the scalp until all of the area is covered. Unlike the friction massage though, the movement should be slow, firm, and kneading. The rotating action is done through the fingers of one hand, moving in one direction, and the fingers of the other hand move in the opposite direction. Do this while keeping the fingers of one hand still as the other rotates.

The information mentioned above is most effective when done regularly along with the proper diet and exercise to grow that healthy hair.

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