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When it comes to grooming, one of the things that men care greatly about is their hair on their heads. Particularly, it can be an instant indictment of a guy's appearance when their hair may be flaking, gray, greasy, poorly cut, and thinning or just simply falling out unusually. The latter is the one very common problem that guys deal with as they age.

Some studies show that at a young age, many men already experience hair loss. This occurs for several reasons. These include medical illness, stress, side-effects from medications, or merely hereditary, which is commonly known as adrogenetic alopecia. This is the most common type of hair loss that begins at any time in a man's life. This occurs even during teen years. Three factors are said to have caused this the inherited tendency toward baldness, male hormones, and the increasing age.

Nowadays, there are products, or services that offer prevention of hair loss. However, these may be costly. On the other hand, if men themselves are already aware of the basics in hair care shampooing, brushing, scalp massage, and deep through conditioning, it would be more cost-efficient on their part.

For men to prevent hair loss, they should have a healthy hair. How? Aside from learning and properly doing their hair care regimens, it is also vital to keep their diet in check and to take daily multivitamins and mineral supplements to fill in any nutrition gaps. In addition, men young and old, should also consider other natural means of preventing hair loss, such as using herbs. There are herbal supplements for men that can help avoid hair thinning, and as an added advantage, can also provide maintenance of men's urinary tract health and prostate health.

Healthy hair for men is attainable through diligence and patience in observing the Do's and Don'ts in hair care. Always remember that a healthy hair means having a healthy body.

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