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Hairstyles are like your alter ego. When you adopt a different hairstyle, they give you a different persona and make you a new self. Hairstyles 2011 pictures are splashed all over the fashion magazines and the internet but the million dollar question is to choose the best one for you. Best hairstyles 2011 are available for men and women with hair and styles of all types. It does not matter whether you have long hair, curly hair, and hair with lot of bounce or simple thin fall. Hairstylists have come up with hot hairstyles for 2011.

- Layered haircut would never look good with lots of curly hair. The overall appearance shall always look too frizzed. If you have small curls then few layers can definitely give you a bouncy appearance.

Hairstyles 2011Hairstyles 2011Hairstyles 2011

- Layered hair cut always works with think hair. It not only makes hair thin out into small hair but also gives a curly appearance to your hair. For all those who have had long and extremely straight hair all their life, structured and layered hair cut can always give a nice voluminous look to women with either long faces or thin body.

- Long side partings are again one of the top hairstyles 2011 which definitely have “Hollywood-kind” appearance. They are great for oval shaped faced but women with rounded faces should have longer length which is quite recommended.

- Long hair are good for those with heart or pear shaped faces with middle partings as well. Take a look at few of such haircuts 2011 pictures that have middle partings and long hair cut with layers.

- There is always a “classic glamorous look” that goes in all ages and with nearly every one with long straight hair. You can use few rollers, a good shine serum and a nice round hair brush. Get a layered haircut and do a deep side parting just above the arch of the eyebrow. Use a few rollers on the either sides. Too many rollers will steal away the soft lovely look that makes you look sensational.

- Hairstyles 2011 are carrying curly trends and take them to next level of fashion and glamour. Add a new glamour to your fashion quotient and gain a new perspective. Perk up your hair volume and you have a nice braided style done up. Although braids are usually not associated with curls but they can definitely a stylish alternative at times.

- Consult a photo gallery of best hairstyles 2011 pictures that choose the style that would suit your face and your personality. People are becoming more aware of their hairstyles and how to treat their hair. The new hairstyles 2011 bring a new source of fashion that brings forward irresistible looks to all kinds of hair.

Top hairstyles of 2011 are all about creating interest and dramatic display of curls. Photo galleries of hot hairstyles 2011 are swarming with photos of latest trends and looks. Choose the best one that you want to carry into the next year and makes you look desired always.

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