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Hair transplant surgery is one of the permanent solutions for those who want to have permanent hair growth on a bald area. The latest hair transplant surgery reviews show that the success rate is very high and the look and feel of the transplanted hair is like that of the natural hair.

Though the hair transplant surgery cost is high and cannot be afforded by all, the results are very encouraging and so it is becoming one of the most popular hair growth methods. More and more people who want to have hair on their baldhead are satisfied by looking at the hair transplant surgery pictures and decide to get it done for them.

Hair Transplant Surgery Pictures

Let us consider the concept of hair transplant surgery under the following headings

1. Description of the Transplant surgery
2. Types of transplant in practice
3. Procedure of the surgery
4. Cost involved in the surgery
5. Undergoing the Surgery
6. Care after the Surgery
7. Adverse Effects of the Surgery

1. Description of the Transplant Surgery

The hair transplant Surgery started as a cosmetic procedure during the Nineteenth century. It had its initial growth in the third decade of the twentieth century in Japan as follicular unit grafts for replacing the hairs on the eyebrows and lashes. It has grown to be a popular cosmetic procedure in demand throughout the world. It is mostly used to treat the male pattern baldness, to restore eyelashes, eyebrows and beard hair or the scars caused by accidents and surgery.

From the various hair transplant surgery reviews available now we find that the modern hair transplant surgery is different from skin grafting as no bigger strip of hair is used for transplantation, and only tiny specks of skin surrounding the hair follicles are used in the transplants.

2. Types of transplant

From the latest hair transplant surgery reviews we can find that the hair transplant surgery is performed in two ways namely:

1. Strip harvesting
2. Follicular unit extraction

3. Procedure for transplant surgery

When a person wants to under go hair transplant surgery, first a thorough review of his scalp condition, the type and nature of hair growth on the donor area is considered. Various Hair Transplant Surgery reviews are shown to him with an estimate of the Hair Transplant Surgery cost.

After the preliminary analysis it is decided if a single or multi session procedure will be required for the surgery. Suitable hair transplant surgery pictures are shown to the patient to convince him about the nature of the results that can be expected. In the preparatory phase the patient is not allowed to use medicines, alcohol etc and he may be given antibiotics to prevent possible graft infections.

4. Hair Transplant Surgery cost

Hair Transplant Surgery cost is a determining factor as it is relatively high. But in the recent years the costs have come down but still it may cost you around $6000 to $24000. Here the price is calculated based on the number of grafts placed and they may cost you from $3 to $7 per graft.

You may need multiple sessions if you need more than 4000 grafts. The recent hair transplant surgery reviews have clearly stated that the countries like India, Argentina, Colombia etc are well advanced in this type of treatment at a relatively less cost when compared to western countries. The hair transplant surgery pictures show that the effect of the treatment is equally high as done in the western countries.

5. Undergoing the Surgery

The hair transplant surgery cost depends on the number of graft that has to be made and is mostly done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. In the strip harvesting of transplant a strip of skin from the posterior scalp with good hair growth is taken for follicle harvesting. The follicles that are used for the graft are taken from the strip and used grafting is done on the area to be treated.

In the transplant using the follicular unit harvesting small micro skin follicles are taken and placed on the area to be transplanted with the help of micro blades or fine needles. The hair transplant surgery pictures have shown a very high degree of success to this type of transplant.

6. Post-operative care

From the hair transplant surgery reviews we can find that after the surgery, semi permeable dressings are used and changed daily. Shampooing is done two days after the surgery to prevent scabs that may cause hair loss at the transplanted area. Due to shock loss the hair transplanted will be lost and the hair will grow after two to three months giving a natural hair growth.

7. Side effects

Possible side effects to the hair transplant surgery are minimal. From the hair transplant surgery reviews you can find that the shock loss may cause the loss of transplanted hair. The swelling of the treated areas and itching are possible and proper medications can be used to minimize these to the most minimum.

Thus the modern hair transplant surgery pictures reveal the success of the procedure and you must be aware that the hair transplant surgery cost is beyond the reach of the common man.

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