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The perfect hairstyle, be it a short hair style or a sedu hair style, can get you the desired look for any occasion. First and foremost you need to determine the shape of your face. This you can do by backcombing your hair after dampening it with water, oil or gel and tying your hair in a ponytail. Make sure no hair falls on your face. Look at the mirror and following your hairline trace the shape of your face with a soap or water-soluble marker. It can be oval, triangular, square, round, heart shaped, Rectangular or oblong, or diamond.

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Oval: It is described as one of the perfect face shape as the balance of the oval shape lets you to wear almost any hairstyle you prefer. However, do not limit your style with heavy bangs or forward directed hair styling that covers your lovely cheekbones or features. Triangular: If you have a crevice in your chin, short cuts will help balance your overriding jaw line and trendy wedges, shags, and other styles will fit you greatly that feature fullness at the temples.

Square: Generally curly hair is an ideal inflection for a square face. If you are not of the possession of curly hair, consider a perm or body wave. You can also choose to add extra element to your style by layering in extra height at your crown.

Round: You can add some height at your crown, which would help you lengthen your face to get the appearance of an oval. Avoid center parts and it would take the attention away from the symmetry of your face. Wear either short or long hairstyles, but avoid medium hair length, which means keep your hair either above or below your chin line.

Heart: Chin length or longer hairstyle suits a heart-shaped face, as it adds fullness and volume where it is required. Styles that feature wispy bangs, layered at the sides to sweep forward, accenting your eyes and striking cheekbones are also ideal for you.

Rectangular or oblong: Short to medium length hairstyles with extra flavor at the sides can suit you perfectly well. Layers can also add suppleness and roundness to straight lines. Too long hair, high hair, and center parts will tend to lengthen your face. Keep your hair above shoulder length and try to add volume at the sides of your hair style.

Diamond: You have an angularly oval face, which gives you an impressive look that permits you to try several hair styles. Keep the hair out of your face to demonstrate your great bone structure.

If you have a short hair, the biggest advantage you have is the ease of styling. You can simply wash, dry and you are ready. Moreover it highlights your personal attributes such as eye, skin tones, face shape, body shape etc to a great extent. Sparkling hair clips, and brightly colored headbands add glamour to your hairdo. Moreover they also add dimension and style to your outfit. The glittery earrings, which otherwise hide behind long tresses, can add all the glitz to your style, if you have a short hairstyle.

If you have curly hair it means you have lots of natural volume to your hair, so take every care to make it the center of your attention.

If you have straight long hair, avoid tying them into a ponytail. Either choose an updo or let it flutter on your shoulders and back.

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