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A permanent solution for individuals who suffer from baldness or hair loss is surgical hair restoration. This hair loss solution is made possible by means of hair transplantation or the relocation of the bald resistant hair follicles from the back and sides of the donor's head area to his bald or thinning area.

In resorting to hair restoration surgery a hair loss sufferer must have a general idea of what he or she will have to undergo once this solution is carefully decided upon.

Outlined below are the basic and most general hair restoration procedures. This includes procedure review, removal of the donor area, creation of grafts, and recipient site creation and insertion of grafts.

  • Procedure overview

Once a patient decides to go through surgical hair restoration and makes the necessary arrangements with the hair restoration clinic, he or she first undergoes a procedure review. This step is an integral part of the whole process of hair restoration. The doctor shall review previously discussed goals and expectations. In addition, the patient and doctor must work together to determine the approach and design of the transplantation outcome.

  • Removal of the donor area

Moving forward after agreeing upon the approach and design of the outcome, the hair transplant surgery begins. Local anesthesia is injected into the patient's donor area to ensure no pain. The donor strip will be removed once the area is frozen. This procedure takes about 45 minutes. At this point, the patient is comfortably lying face-down on an operation table.

  • Creation of grafts

When the donor strip has been removed, the transplant surgeon closes the donor site with surgical grade stainless cosmetic steel staples. Surgical assistants will then separate the said donor strip into follicular units into 1-4 grouping. This will be done through the use of stereoscopic dissecting microscopes.

  • Recipient site creation and insertion of grafts

After separating the donor strips into follicular units, the hair transplant surgeon creates recipient sites through small incisions. These incisions will receive the donor hair. Grafts will then be placed strategically on the outlined portions of the scalp.

Various medications such as anti-biotic, mild pain killers and other assorted items may be prescribed by the hair surgeon, making the patient’s post-operative healing time go smoothly as possible.

Meanwhile, the entire process of hair restoration may extend to a series of procedures dependent on the following circumstances:

  • After a first hair restoration session, the patients hair may still be lost and thus will need maintenance of the desired hair coverage.
  • Previous surgical procedures involving the old techniques, undergone by the patient may have resulted to cosmetic problems. The patient want to have a more natural look through the recent advanced methodologies.
  • The patient may desire greater hair density than what was provided after a previous hair restoration procedure.
  • Adjustments after the first treatment may need to be done, such as the position of the hairline.

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