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A large portion of the male population is suffering from hair loss. Their hair loss or thinning may have been brought about by genetics, hormonal imbalances, or reaction to treatments such as chemotherapy. Whatever the reason for hair loss, most, if not all of these people are looking for ways to stop the hair loss or reverse the effects of hair loss. There are a number of drugs and medication that can stop hair loss, some of which may be bought over the counter without doctors prescriptions. As for the restoration of hair, there is one method that is sure to provide permanent results Hair Replacement.

All hair replacement techniques including Hair Replacementprocedures use the existing hair on your scalp. Through finding the most efficient way to use the existing healthy hair on your scalp, plastic surgery hair replacement can enhance your appearance and improve on your self confidence; however, the results may not be at par with what you had in mind. Before proceeding with surgery, it is best that you discuss your expectations with your surgeon.

For you to be a prime candidate for Hair Replacement, you must have healthy hair growing at the back and sides of your head. These areas are known as donor areas; grafts to be used in the transplant procedure will be taken from these areas. Factors such as the texture of the hair, color, and waviness may affect the cosmetic result.

There are a number of hair replacement techniques that may be used to transplant hair and restore hair growth. These techniques include punch grafts, mini grafts, micro grafts, slit grafts, strip grafts, flaps, tissue expansion, and scalp reduction procedures. A combination of two or more of these techniques may be used to get the best results. Grafts such as the mini and micro grafts are generally used on patients who want to achieve a more modest change in the fullness of their hair. Tissue expansion, flaps, and scalp reduction methods on the other hand or used for people who want to achieve a more dramatic change. 

With the advances in technology, the results of hair replacement surgeries are not like what they used to be a few years ago. Some individuals who have undergone hair replacement procedures can attest to great results and fuller hair; however, getting your desired results takes time and multiple procedures. You should also remember that there are limits to what Hair Replacementcan do. Keep in mind that the success of the transplant also depends on the donor hair if you do not have enough hair left on your scalp, you may be advised by your physician to forego Hair Replacement.

This type of hair restoration method also presents some risks. To minimize the danger, you should make sure that your surgery will be performed by a licensed, qualified, and experienced physician. Common side effects that may happen after undergoing this type of surgery are infections, excessive bleeding, and scarring. There is also the risk of some grafts not taking this is a situation wherein the hair contained in the donor plug falls out before regrowing. If this happens, surgery may have to be repeated.

If you intend to undergo Hair Replacement, you need to seriously consider the possible effects as well as other alternatives to surgery. Always keep your safety in mind, and remember to consult your physician.

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