What Makes a Good Candidate for Hair Replacement
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There is a large number of people who suffer from hair loss. This hair loss may be caused by a lot of things hormones, genetics, and reactions to environmental stimuli are among the most common causes of hair loss. Hair loss may be prevented and sometimes stopped; however, for individuals who are genetically predisposed to hair loss, especially men, the prevention of hair loss may not be as easy. A good option for these individuals would be to simply undergo Hair Replacement a surgical procedure designed to transplant hair and facilitate hair regrowth in bald areas of the scalp. Hair Replacementis a very viable option; however, this surgery is not for everyone. Only certain people are good candidates for Hair Replacement.

Prior to delving into the criteria that determines what makes a good candidate for Hair Replacement, you must first know how the surgery works. This hair restoration method works by the transplant of individual or groups of hair taken from donor areas of the head. Donor areas may be the sides or back of the head that still grows healthy hair. The hair harvested from these donor areas are transplanted onto the bald areas of the head where they are left to grow again. Hair transplant surgery generally takes several sessions to be fully completed. This is especially true for individuals who are getting a large area transplanted with a high density of hair.

Keep in mind that the transplanted hair may not take and may also fall out eventually, so it is important to know if you are a good candidate since undergoing the procedure puts you at risk of having even thinner hair than before having the procedure done. Everyone has a finite number of donor hair that can be transplanted into the balding areas of their scalps. If the donor hair is not used in the most efficient manner possible, the procedure may not be very successful. Undergoing Hair Replacementshould be your last resort only consider it after you have exhausted all possible means of stopping the loss of your hair.

Now that you know what the surgery entails, finding out if you are a good candidate is the next step. There are a few guidelines that need to be met in order for a person to be considered as a good candidate for hair transplant or replacement surgery. First, the individual who wishes to undergo Hair Replacementmust have male pattern baldness concentrated on a specific area of the scalp. If you have thinning hair all throughout your scalp, chances are you may not benefit from undergoing this type of procedure since you will still likely lose the hair after it has been transplanted. Men whose hair loss pattern has stabilized are good candidates as well. He should also be suffering from male pattern baldness for a minimum of five years and have realistic expectations regarding the procedure and its probable results. Men and women who lost hair due to a form of trauma are also good candidates for Hair Replacement; so with men and women who experience hair loss due to other cosmetic procedures. 

If by chance you do not meet the requirements for undergoing Hair Replacement, you still have other viable options. One alternative you can consider is the scalp reduction surgery. With this surgical procedure, the hairline is pulled forward by cutting the scout and reducing it.

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