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When looking at hair loss treatment many people can get confused with the multiple types of hair loss products on today’s market. There seems to be so many products to choose from so shouldn’t they all be the same why so many choices? The simple fact of the matter is that hair loss is not simple there are many reasons people lose hair and therefore, we have multiple products for hair loss. When looking in the mirror all you can tell is that I am going bald and I want to fix it. Make sure that before spending a fortune on the various types of hair loss products look at the cause of the hair loss and it will better help you select the best product for the best results. For the causes of hair loss please feel free to look at our articles on DHT and hair loss. We also encourage you to look at hair loss signs and symptoms- self guide. These articles may be bale to help you to determine what the root cause of the hair loss thus, making the choice of a hair replacement product a lot easier.

DHT can affect both men and women and sometimes can be treated for more information on this type of hair loss and the treatments for it please review our article DHT and hair loss. Stress is another reason for hair loss you can also review our article stress and hair loss for treatment option for that as well. There are many ways to treat hair loss and they range from home made remedies to surgery to get your full head of hair back. We will look at some of the various types of hair loss treatments out there to better help you decide what the best for you to use is. There are various creams you can pick up at any local drug store for starters. There are numerous home remedy you can use we have some listed in self guide to hair loss treatment. Surgery depending on what exactly you are looking for. There are surgeries that move hair from one part of your body to the top of your hair. There is another surgery that basically puts mini balloons under the scalp to open up the follicle thus making it easier for hair to grow. There are alternatives to actual hair growth procedures and that would be like a wig or alternate hair.

Always remember to first find the reason for the hair loss then you can better treat the hair loss. The best way to determine the hair loss is to seek advice from your health care provider. Always remember before you start a hair loss treatment, which may or may not work, talk to your health care provider. There may be reactions that your are not aware of or you may be using something that is not right for the type of hair loss you have. Your health care provider may also have better suggestions for a product that will be safer for you to use

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