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Hair loss problems affect majority of men, about 80% of the male population, and even women 50% of females. Androgenetic alopecia is considered to be the cause of most of the cases of hair loss reported. This type of hair loss is attributed to the genetics of an individual, stating that there are people who are more genetically predisposed to the loss of hair. There is a theory, however, that uses the explanation of skull expansion as the main cause of genetic hair loss.

There is still no doubt that androgens cause hair loss in individuals who are genetically predisposed to it. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, specifically, is the hormone directly linked to hair loss. However, in the theory of hair loss due to skull expansion, genetic predisposition and the presence of male hormones do not entirely explain the mechanism behind the loss of hair. Some relevant questions about the hair loss process may be answered using the skull expansion explanation. These questions cover the reasons why people lose hair in the front and back regions of the scalp; why hair falls out faster in one area of the scalp compared to others; and how DHT is linked to the loss of hair and its growth as well.

Before considering the theory of hair loss due to skull expansion as a viable explanation for hair loss, it is best to answer the questions above completely and accurately. Based on the idea of skull expansion to explain hair loss, when people grow up into being adults, the skeleton gets bigger including the skull which grows in size and at the same time changes in shape. Upon reaching adulthood, the process known as bone remodeling and resorption continues. For some people, this simply involves bone maintenance keeping bones healthy; however for some, this causes the growth of the frontal and parietal bones of the skull. This growth is known as skull expansion and is said to be the direct cause of hair loss within these areas of the scalp.

The genetic factor involved in male pattern baldness is probably due to the shape of the skull you have – which is also attributed to genetics. Different shapes of skulls have different growth potentials. The extent of hair loss is related to the extent of skull expansion which means the a huge change in skull shape can cause more extensive loss of hair.

When used to answer the aforementioned questions, skull expansion causes the hair loss at the front and side areas of the scalp. As the frontal bone grows, hair is also lost at that area. The same theory applies to the loss of hair on the parietal bones. The varying rates of hair loss in different areas of the scalp depend on the shape of the skull and how it grows over time. The relationship of DHT to hair loss is known; and according to the idea of hair loss attributed to skull expansion, DHT does not only stimulate the growth of hair, it also enhances the growth of bones. Androgens are considered to be steroid hormones that give an anabolic effect on the formation of bones. DHT causes the skull to expand thereby causing hair loss.

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