Hair Loss Causes - Find Out What Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women
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Hair loss causes in men and women are many and it is caused due to a variety of reasons. The modern medical research has mostly found out the reasons and now we have effective treatments for most of them. Though hair loss problem occurs with advancing age, it is a mystery to find out the hair loss causes in young men. In the present days by taking an effective hair loss treatment one can protect himself form the problem of hair loss.

Some of the significant causes of hair loss are

• Genetics and Family History
• Male pattern Baldness
• Aging
• Use of Some Medications
• Major Surgeries and Severe Illnesses
• Hormonal Imbalance

Most of the hair loss occurs mainly due to the inherited genes from their ancestors. The family hair loss history plays an important role in the hair loss causes in men and women. This is more so in the case of men than in women, and this causes a majority of hair loss in young men. Hair loss can be attributed mainly due to the genetic and ageing process, and many types of hair loss treatments available to tackle the problem successfully.

Male Pattern Baldness

In particular the hair loss causes in young men is mainly due to the male pattern baldness. This condition is caused due to the genetic factors and due to the genes he receives form his mother, father, or both. Though it is usual for men to lose hair after about 50 years of age, sometimes the hair loss can occur even at a young age. This type of baldness occurs in two ways. The man may lose his hair due to the thinning of hair on his crown, or by the receding hairline on his forehead. Fortunately we have many effective hair loss treatments to deal with this condition.


It is found that about 90% of the hair loss in young men is due to genetics and aging, there are many other reasons for hair loss and some of them are due to certain medical conditions, and the strain caused to the hair producing system in the body by the extreme hair styles. The harsh chemical based cosmetic products used may also be the hair loss causes in young men. For successful hair loss treatment it is necessary to find out the cause of the hair loss and treat it.

Medical Reasons

The hair loss causes in young men, if due to medical reasons following can be the sources for the same. Some of the medications used can cause hair loss and they include many types of anti- depressants. When these are used for a fairly longer periods they affect the hormonal balance of the body leading to hair loss. The use of medications for gout, and those used for thinning of blood also can be the hair loss causes in young men. Besides these the use of medicines for chemotherapy and excess of Vitamin A in the body also cause hair loss.

Major surgeries and severe Illnesses

These are the other main hair loss causes in men and women, as the body undergoes severe stress during this period. Severe hair loss can occur immediately following these and in majority of cases it will be cured automatically while in some cases hair loss treatment may be necessary to cure this condition. The hair loss may be caused by serious medical conditions like lupus and the complications due to uncontrolled diabetes. If there is severe fungal infection in the Scalp it may also be one of the hair loss causes in young men.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can cause hair loss due to their imbalance in the body, and primarily the hair loss causes in men and women are due to the disorders in the thyroid glands. By taking the specific hair loss treatment to treat this condition this can be easily reversed. Women face the problem of hair loss due to hormonal imbalances in their body and also due to emotional stress. Severe hormonal problems can occur immediately after the delivery, and due to the use of birth control medications. This also causes severe cases of hair loss in women.

Though the hair loss problem is common in men and women the hair loss treatment varies between them due to a variety of reasons. Proper diagnosis as to the exact hair loss causes in men and women must be clearly understood before selecting the treatment for hair loss. While some hair loss causes in young men can be reversed, some others cannot be reversed and this mostly depends on the body condition of the person and his genetic make up.

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