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Hair is one of the most important aspects of ones appearance. Aside from having the right hair cut and style, what also matters in the overall manifestation of the hair is color; and since hair contributes greatly to a persons looks, the more captivating and fascinating hair becomes when one tries on a change in hair color.

The use of hair dye makes it possible for people who want to have their hair color changed. There are three categories in which hair dye products can be classified in to. These include the Permanent, the Semi-permanent, and the Temporary hair dyes.

  • Permanent

Contrary to its name, the Permanent hair dyes are not really permanent. They are only the very long lasting type, which may seem to be permanent. For this reason, the application of the permanent hair dye is a common misnomer as it is entails more than one application. The permanent hair dye utilizes an oxidizing agent, often called as the developer, and an alkalizing ingredient as part of their ammonia or an ammonia substitute.

  • Semi-Permanent

When one decides to use a semi-permanent hair dye, he or she must consider that this type of hair dye last longer than the temporary hair color, which takes about 8-14 shampooing to get rid of the color. The compounds used in developing a semi-permanent hair dye are combined to deposit color on the hair shaft. This way, the hair color is not lightened. It also utilizes the miniscule molecules than those of the temporary tinting formulas. For this reason, the semi-permanent formula is able to penetrate the hair shaft. In addition, the main difference between the permanent and the semi-permanent hair dye is the use of a developer. In the case of a semi-permanent hair dye, there is no developer may be used with heat for penetration.

  • Temporary
Usually, this temporary hair color is used to give brighter, more vibrant shades or colors. These colors may include orange or red, which may be difficult to achieve when using either a permanent or semi-permanent color. Because the pigment molecules are unlike the permanent or semi-permanent hair dye, the coating may be easily removed by shampooing.

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