Fringes Hairstyles 2012 for Women - with Round Faces
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Do you know what fringes are and what the hottest trends in fringes hairstyles 2012 are? ‘Fringes’ is actually another name of bangs. To create fringes, hair is usually cut and combed forward to cover the forehead. They can be curly, straight, forward swept, side swept, short or long enough to cover one eye.

Fringes hairstyles have come and gone out of fashion just like any other hairstyle for women. However, they started to find their way back into the fashion world since 2009, and now they are really hot, both in classic and contemporary styles.

Fringes Hairstyles 2012 for women with round faces Fringes Hairstyles 2012 for women with round facesFringes Hairstyles 2012 for women with round faces

Two celebs that helped fringes to creep in are Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly. In 2009, when J Lo embarked on a worldwide tour to promote her then-upcoming movie, Salt, which was a big hit, she wore a perfect, messy and youthful fringes hairstyle. Knightly cut her hair short in February 2009 to try blunt fringes which made her look even better than she looked in Pirates of Caribbean.

Fringes Hairstyles 2012 for women with round faces

The cutest fringes hairstyles 2012 is undoubtedly the copy of what was worn by Hollywood golden girl, Reese Witherspoon. Have you ever seen her with fringes? However, she keeps changing them with slight variation; sometimes side swept, sometimes forward combed, sometime complemented with a ponytail and often with varying lengths.

Side part with sweeping fringes, are also getting popular as Mandy Moore and Kristen Dunst wore this style recently. Kirsten’s hairstyle was a hot gossip for a long time with center parting, which were complimented by a trio section at the front and side swept fringes.
Ladies with poker straight mane can copy Sandra Bullock’s extremely hit hairstyle with heavy fringes. She first wore this when she stepped out at the stage of 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Taylor swift also experimented with fringe at the start of 2011 with blunt and heavy fringes to her long, blonde hair. Many experts hailed her choice as it looked perfect on her round face.

Hayden Panetiere wore a hairstyle considered to be the latest trend with trusty fall-back fringe for round faces. This is a perfect hairstyle for girls who have never tried fringes before as it would not look too outlandish.

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