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Fringes hairstyles are often also known as bangs and are often worn as a combination with various other hairstyles. They add young look to your face and help to cover facial features that you may or may not want to highlight. For example, if you have any exceptionally large forehead or in men if they have a receding hair line then fringes on the forehead can help you to hide these short comings easily.

- Fringes with men’s hairstyles cropped in a crew cut at the back can be worn easily on formal as well as casual occasions. A wet look can be set for the formal meetings while funky looking sun-dried fringes definitely look good on weekends.

Fringe Hairstyles 2011Fringe Hairstyles 2011

- Fringe hairstyles 2011 have added benefit that they go well with short as well as long hair. It is your prerogative to decide the best length suited for you. You can easily wear fringe haircuts in the most natural way with the help of styling gels and hairsprays.

- Most of the fringe hairstyles 2011 for Asian men are designed for their extremely straight hair full of lustre. These fringes hairstyles 2011 give them stunning and dashing looks that every man wants.

- Straight hairs can have fringes to get a rugged texture as they can easily stand on their own if they are left grow about an inch or half. They give a nice spiky look which can be combined with a layered haircut for men.

- Fringe hairstyles look good with women as well. There are some of the best women’s hairstyle 2011 that pop up fashion magazines and the internet including how to have the best fringes hairstyles for 2011.

- You can also wear fringe hairstyle 2011 with messy side braided hairstyle that goes especially well with Asian women including Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. However, they are not limited to them only. Nicole Richie has known to don that look for quite some time without having an Asian features. She in fact has striking Caucasian features and the hairstyle looked great on her.

- Classic hairstyles include the short hairstyles that can be combined with fringes easily. Clip your fringes to your sides or wear them with choppy layers can also give you youthful look with a natural sporty look on your face.

- If have straightened your curly hair, add a few fringes to them to give a sporty look. In case of straight hairs done from curly hairs, fringes will actually look like spikes or pixies haircuts giving a new look to the face.

- Long length hairstyles have always been popular with fringes. They make the long boring hairs look exciting. They can be pulled into neat hairstyles with long straight hair or long hair with thick waves and curls.

Fringe hairstyles 2011 have emerged from stylish, prim and proper haircut where modern day men and women want something different to their long boring constant looks. Fringes haircuts 2011 add lot of cheer and excitement to any normal haircuts. All you need to do is to look for the best fringes hairstyles in 2011.

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