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Healthy hair means having a healthy body. In growing a healthy hair, you must pay attention to your nutritional diet. Your eating greatly affects not only your body's health but also your hair. Food containing chemicals or those with no nutritional value is useless to your body. In addition, these may have bad effects on your hair. You must be conscious of what foods to avoid for healthy hair.

What not to eat? Here is a short list of foods.

  • Food that has Monosodium Glutamate. This chemical found in some foods is dangerous. It increases your appetite for food, which later leads to weight gain, and various health problems.

  • Food that contain Aspartame. Not all of us know that this is a toxin that also increases hunger and causes problems like PMS and migraines.

  • Hydrogenated oil. Food cooked in this oil has trans fats that can cause heart disease, weight gain, and hair loss.

  • Processed sugar. As white sugar becomes refined, all the natural content is taken out, leaving the sugar with the chemicals it absorbed used for growing it.

  • Food that has artificial color. If food has dye, it means added chemical ingredients.

  • Food that contain chemically made sweeteners. As mentioned, some added chemical ingredients are not good for your health.

  • Foods that have sucrulose and splenda. This ingredient found in foods is unnatural and can cause increase in appetite, depression, and some allergies that can further lead to hair loss.

  • Food that uses enriched bleached white flour. The said enriched bleached white flour has no fiber and has no nutritional value to your body. It is a processed ingredient. Instead of using it, consider using organic wheat flour or other organic flours such as rye, and millet.

  • Soy protein isolate. This can be found in protein shakes. Little do we know that during the refining process of this ingredient, hexane is used. Hexane is a petroleum solvent like gasoline.

The mentioned foods are only a few that you should avoid. To ensure your hair's healthy growth, it is best to eat natural and organic food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, and other protein-rich foods are most recommended for your diet.

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