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Having thick, lustruous, healthy and manageable hair is part of every woman's attempt at feeling good about herself and her looks. Having healthy hair is not at all difficult; We all know that the condition of one's hair is merely a reflection of one's overall body condition. So the best way to have healthy hair is to keep ones self healthy. A great way to do this is through eating a well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of healthy hair.

There are certain foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and maintenane of healthy hair. Some of these foods are as follows:

  • Foods rich in Vitamin A: fish liver oil, cheese, eggs, milk, spinach, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, peaches and apricots.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin C: strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, other citrus fruits tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers and dark green vegetables.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin E: wheat germ oil, soybeans, raw seeds, nuts, dried beans, leafy green vegetables, and cold pressed vegetable oils.

  • Foods rich in Biotin: whole grains, egg yolk, liver, milk, rice, and Brewer's yeast.

  • Foods rich in Inositol: citrus fruits, liver, whole grains, and brewer's yeast.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B3 or Niacin: chicken, turkey, meat, fish, wheat germ.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid: egg yolk, whole grain cereal.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B6: vegetables, whole grain cereals, egg yolk, organ meat, liver.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B12: chicken, fish, milk, and eggs Other notable foods that promote healthy hair are:
  • Beef Eating red meat at least twice every week is recommended for healthy hair; red meat does not only contain protein but it is also rich in iron, zinc, and Vitamin B complex
  • Egg or Egg Whites Eggs or egg whites are a great alternative to red meat, especially for vegetarians. It is a good source of protein as well.
  • Brown Short Grain Rice Complex carbohydrates are a good match for the protein in your meals. Brown short grain rice is also a source of Vitamin B and fiber.
  • Cottage Cheese low fat cottage cheese may be used as a substitute for eggs for your lunch or breakfast meals.
  • Bacon Although generally regarded as unhealthy especially for those who want to lose weight, bacon is a good sourcec of zinc, protein and Vitamin B --- all of which are essential for the growth of healthy hair.
  • Salmon Taken either fresh or smoked, is a good source of vitamins and minerals includig vitamin B12
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