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The restoration of hair through surgical procedures has been around since the 1970's. The progress of these types of procedures has been increasingly improving as evidenced by individuals who have undergone these procedures. Starting from plugs to the mini micro grafts to the modern follicular hair transplant procedures used today.

Follicular hair transplant is the foremost procedure used in hair transplant surgeries nowadays. This procedure has set a standard in this industry through its effectiveness and natural looking results. This surgical procedure works by using the natural groupings of the hair known as follicular units in the transplant process. The naturally occurring pattern of hair growth on the scalp occurs in groups of one, two, three and four hairs. Follicular hair transplant works with this biological system to produce the most natural effect possible by relocating the follicular units from healthy areas of the scalp to the bald areas.

The entire process of the follicular hair transplant is a very tedious and taxing affair. Executing the process accurately requires a lot of time and a whole team of skilled, highly adept, and detail oriented individuals working hand in hand with the hair transplant surgeon. However, despite this, follicular hair transplant procedures can offer the patient numerous advantages:

  • The use of smaller grafts and minimal incisions.

Follicular unit grafts, when prepared meticulously, contain a very minimal amount of excess tissue from the scalp and are very minute, compact structures. With this kind of size, the grafts can fit in very tiny incisions which are beneficial to the scalp as it causes only a minor amount of trauma. The size of the grafts also allows for the transplant of a larger number of follicular unit grafts placed closely together in a single session.

  • Cautious trimming of donor tissue

The careful handling of donor tissue during the surgical procedure done with the aid of powerful microscopes produces more follicular unit grafts. This yields a larger number of grafts that are undamaged, enabling the patient to get the best results despite the small amount of donor tissue.

  • Natural looking results

The results of a follicular unit transplant look very natural even when examined at close proximity. This is because of the procedure done that replicates the natural grouping and growth of hair. The results of a single transplant procedure will already provide patients with natural coverage. Any additional procedures can be done to simply increase the density of hair or to deal with other balding areas of the scalp.

Follicular hair transplant also presents a host of benefits to its patients:

  • A single session of this surgical procedure yields excellent hair density and very natural results.
  • The time needed to heal after surgery is also very minimal since the recipient area undergoes only a minimal amount of trauma.
  • There is no visible distortion in the transplanted areas.
  • The transplanted hair has a natural direction and blends in seamlessly with existing hair.

Another newly emerging form of this procedure is known as the ultra refined follicular hair transplant. This minimally invasive procedure is being developed by surgeons to place the follicular grafts even more closely together.

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