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The face is probably the most distressing area to have unwanted hair, especially for women. The growth of facial hair in women is not only unusual; it is also an embarrassing condition. Facial hair on women is very difficult to hide, and while some find this growth acceptable, most women are uncomfortable with it and want to have it removed.

There are a lot of ways available for removing facial hair. These range from shaving, plucking, threading, waxing methods that produce temporary results to electrolysis and laser hair removal methods that give more permanent results.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are probably your best bets to permanently remove facial hair and stop it from growing again; however, there are also other alternatives. The use of depilatories or creams is one. Although the use of facial hair removers does not exactly produce permanent results, this method is easy on the budget, will not require the services of a licensed professional, and still be quite effective.

Depilatories or facial hair removers are creams or liquids that remove hair from the surface of the skin. These creams work by reacting to the protein structure of the hair, dissolving the hair in the process. The hair can then be washed or wiped right off.

The results of using facial hair removers generally last up to two weeks. One advantage to using depilatories for removing facial hair is that they work quickly and can be bought at any local drugstore or grocery outlets. These creams are mostly used for the legs, the bikini area and the underarm; however, there are creams made especially for the removal of hair on the face.

As with everything, there are disadvantages to using depilatories. For one, the odor is not exactly something you would call pleasant. And, if you have sensitive skin, an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in the cream may occur.

To avoid any problems when using depilatories and to get the most out of these facial hair removers, read the product insert carefully prior to use. Follow the instructions to the letter and perform a patch test prior to use as well. And most importantly, choose a facial hair remover that is formulated for use on the face. Never use a hair remover formulated for your legs on your face as the skin on your face is more sensitive to your legs.

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