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Uncommon hairstyles always attract attention and they tend to make people look different in the crowd. There are different hairstyles in 2011 which are a mix of trendy as well as uncommon hair cuts that make you take immediate notice. There are different hairstyles for men and women in 2011 to give them a newer look.

- If you have been wearing long hair for quite some time then it is about time to experiment with a new bob haircut which is extremely popular and trendy in the coming year.

Different Hairstyles 2011Different Hairstyles 2011Different Hairstyles 2011

- Bob haircuts with layers are also back in fashion and you can colour your layers to give it a different hairstyle for 2011. The new look streaked with multiple hair colours with give you a youthful and sassy look.

- Short haircuts are classy and sophisticated. They can be worn everyday to office and can be adorned with classy decorations at the gala or social events. They can also be styled in to funky hairstyle by adding different accessories.

- Medium length hairs often give more different hairstyles than any other haircut. You have more choices with medium length as you do not have extremely short hair that can only be decorated with accessories while extremely long hair can be sorted only into neat updos.

- Medium length hairs also give a wide choice of different haircuts for 2011 and you can experiment with various styles that suit your face. High schools girls with nice hair textures try different hairstyles with medium length hair. Such haircuts also give different prom hairstyles that make them look gracious yet sassy.

- 2011 long hairstyles are different than yesteryears. There are more curly and fringed than ever before. Sleek look is in thing especially after the young R&B singer Beyonce wore it for her performances. Different hairstyles in 2011 that you can try can be with flowing locks or big curls. Do remember to carry the soft look around you which is very important for the upcoming year.

- Bangs with long hair and medium length hairstyles are popular. Different hairstyles and haircuts with bangs extending up to eye level. Let you bangs drop mysteriously on your face to give a hiding effect which is extremely youthful look. Natural high cuts are expected to be one of the most favoured choices in the growing New Year trend.

- Curly hairs are elegant and sensuous. If you have naturally curly hair then you can don maximum hairstyles especially if you are going to be the bride or the bridesmaid. Curly wedding hairstyles are yet again in fashion and women with extremely straight hair also prefer doing soft perm or iron curls to their hair.

- Curly haircuts can make you look stunning and enchanting. You can also twist or braid your hair to give a sensual look to you face whenever you are at any social occasion. Accessories also fit naturally in curly hair and remain intact for a long time as compared to long straight hair. Decorate your hair up do on your wedding with a tiara which looks especially beautiful with red or auburn hair.
Different hairstyles for 2011 range from long hairs with bangs and locks to short haircuts like bob haircut with spikes. Try a new look next year with different hairstyles for 2011.

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