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Often women are seen complaining about similar looks and style especially when they have extremely curly hair. Asian women tend to have longer and extremely straight hair but if you look at the Indian women, you tend to find more South Indian women with thick black curly hair. Similarly, even the African women are left to wear their hair in dreadlocks which leaves very less space to experiment with your hair.

- Straightening is one of the most options by women with curly hair. When you have been wearing curly hair all your life and most people are used to looking at you with curls every time, getting straightening done is one great idea that can definitely change your persona almost immediately.

Curly airstyles 2011Curly airstyles 2011Curly airstyles 2011

Straightened hair looks great but need to be taken care of from moisture. It is not a good idea to go for straightening in damp climate as it may not last long. It may be great for an event or two or till they last in case of wet weather. However, straightened hairstyle for curly hair is definitely something new for summer wear.

- Curly hairstyles with bangs are back in fashion. One of the most attractive and glamorous hairstyles since ages is doing rounds in fashion circles once again. It is the most natural wear at the weddings, banquets and social events.

Curly hairs with bangs suit most of the faces especially round and oval shapes. For those who have more square or longer faces, having curls can be quite distracting and give a balanced effect to the overall look.

- Some women may find their big curls hanging naturally around their shoulder and neck. However, those with extremely straight hair need to either have iron curls done along with a haircut done in steps or layers. This will not only give a most innovative curly hairstyle in 2011 but will also give a nice bouncy look to the hair that can be worn almost any time of the day or night.

- Curly hair makes you look youthful and cheery. Nice bounce around your shoulders or locks waving as your walk gives a pretty and even a sexy look to your overall persona.

- Taylor Swift is known to have one of the most curly hair but she is also known to wear her curly hair in more hairstyles than one can possibly think of. Recently, she had donned a retro-look with her curly hair. The retro look also back in fashion from the sixties with curly hair more propped up into flat style on the forehead and tied neatly at the back.

Curly hairstyle 2011 carries the new age look that is neat and tidy. Messy looks are more suitable with straight hair done up with spikes and layers and are manageable. Curly hairs with waves look good with an updo or with a neat looking pony tail for medium length hairs. short curly hairstyles 2011 are more common with girls and working women alike that allow them to manage their hair easily giving them a cool look even when under stress or work pressure.

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