Cool Hairstyles 2012 for Men & Women
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You can wear one of the cool hairstyles 2012 no matter you have long or short hair, dark or blonde hair, straight or curly hair. If you see any of the magazines that predicted the cool hairstyles 2012, you will mostly see dolls or doll-like girls wearing short curly hairstyle or side parting with side-swept bangs. Some of the celebrities are also seen supporting these short and curly hairstyles.

Cool hairstyles 2012 for Women

When talking about cool hairstyles 2012 for women, we have three main options: short curly hair, updos for medium and long hair and layered hairstyles for long hair.

Previously, short curly hairs were not as adored as they are now. Even girls with silky, straight hair are having curls or waves to try a different look. These hairstyles can suit any face shape, but if you have a round face this style will really look cool on you.

Updos, with slight variations, for medium or long hair are one of the coolest options among several different hairstyles 2012. Side updos, loosely tied updos, messy buns and ponytail tied into a bun are some of the hottest coiffures for 2012.

Girls with longer hair are opting for layered haircuts. This style adds volume to your hair and gives a sleek, bouncy look. Mandy Moore wore layered hairstyle recently, but these days girls are wearing layered hairstyle with bangs flipped on their forehead.

Cool hairstyles 2012 for Women Cool hairstyles 2012 for WomenCool hairstyles 2012 for Women

Cool hairstyles 2012 for Men

When we think of cool hairstyles 2012 for men, the fist style that comes to mind is emo. Chris Angel wears this hairstyle for his long hair all the times.

However, short haircuts are the hottest trends in 2012 for men. Caesar cut and Pre-cut as worn by Brandon Frazer are cool and elegant for younger men.

If you have thick hair Justin Hartley’s spikey blonde hairstyle can be your style this year. If you want to have a classic look to look different, Elvis Presley’s pompadour hairstyle is also cool. One of the coolest hairstyles for 2012, include Matthew Boomer’s messy hairstyle with a little wavy hairstyles.

Cool hairstyles 2012 for Men Cool hairstyles 2012 for MenCool hairstyles 2012 for Men

If we analyze different cool hairstyles 2012 for men and women, we can say that curly, short and wavy hairstyles are common among both the genders.

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